Kiddy: GuardianFix Pro2 (Review)

We've recently been sent the Kiddy Guardianfix Pro2 carseat to review with The Boy.

Since we were sent the Cruiserfix Pro earlier last year, The Boy has been incredibly comfortable in it and really enjoyed sitting in his 'big boy' seat. The Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro is a Group 2/3 seat for the weight range 15-36kg and age range of 4-12 years, which I've previously highlighted is a big age range. However, it adapts well to accommodate the different needs of different ages with an adjustable back and a leg rest which extends for comfort. I'm pleasantly surprised at how The Boy manages to fall asleep in it easily, far more easily than I'd anticipated.

However, the Guardianfix Pro2 is capable of covering an even greater age range.

I'm a sceptic when it comes to seats that can accommodate a 9 month old right up to a 12 year old. I don't see how it's possible as they have different needs based on their physiology. However, Kiddy have recognised this and have measures in place to accommodate the younger user when using the Guardianfix Pro2.

Younger users (9 months to 4 years approximately/9-18kg) must use the Kiddy Impact Shield:

"The original kiddy impact shield is made of highly shock-absorbing materials and offers the best impact protection in the event of a head-on collision. The risk of dangerous neck injuries is reduced by the fact that the impact forces are directed into the impact shield, and this prevents the baby's head from being abruptly thrown forward or backward, as in a child seat with a conventional shoulder harness."

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It slots in easily to the front of the seat, there are gaps under the arm rests where it fits, and fits securely over the child's abdomen distributing the impact. The adult seatbelt feeds through the red clips either side. As you can see, The Boy is off the age where he needs to not use this anymore (it's not age based though, it is weight determined and he is over the required 18kg) and so we have removed that and just use the Guardianfix Pro2 as the Cruiserfix Pro is used.

kiddy carseats

The adult seatbelt feeds safely through the guides and through a red seatbelt guide towards the top which is adjustable along with the back to accommodate height differences.

Like the Cruiserfix Pro, the Guardianfix Pro2 has a pull out leg rest (very useful when he falls asleep) and an adjustable back. It also has the Kiddy K-fix Connectors which connect the child safety seat to the standardized fastening system ISOFIX. (This seat can be used without the ISOFIX connectors, as it is when used in my mum's car which doesn't have that system).

kiddy carseats

I'd like to reiterate the point that I made in my first Kiddy review:

"I review a lot of things, and I have been told that they have often sealed the deal for parents looking for information on a specific product. When it's a jigsaw puzzle, a play house or a toddler meal then that's fantastic and makes reviewing worthwhile. When it's a matter of safety, and for the protection of your child, don't take my word on whether it's safe or not. Please look at a proper breakdown on the safety of the Kiddy Guardianfix Pro2, like this one on Which?."

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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    I have been looking at these for quite some time as think it would be perfect for little man especially the hugging effect of the front cushions it would doubly meet his needs in a sensory way!

  2. says

    We're currently looking at the next stage car seats for Bud. I've not had him weighed but I suspect he is over the 18kgs now. This looks like a great seat. Like you, I don't understand the age range but it seems that they adjust as they grown. I'm a bit sceptical really. I think I need to go and have a good look at car seats in a shop.

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