Dr. Beckmann Stain Removal

I knew when The Boy came home from nursery one day with yellow paint on his red and blue striped t-shirt that I was going to need to invest in some form of stain removal. Cursing and rubbing doesn't seem to scare the marks away unfortunately. He's getting to the age now where I can't keep putting a bib on him all the time, neither can I have him panicking about dirty clothes:

"What does mummy say? Clothes are meant to get dirty and then I wash them!"

Over the Christmas period when we will have greasy food, radioactively coloured sauces and quite possibly some more yellow paint, I know I'm going to need some serious stain removal to help make the laundry a lot easier! Clothes need to be easily cleaned because I am not spending ages chained to the washing machine. This is where Dr. Beckmann stain removers and colour and dirt catchers will come in handy!

I was sent these products for the purpose of this post.

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  1. says

    The Kid's Kit is terrific. On the day we received ours for running the Dr Beckmann competition Bud got felt pen all over our fabric footstool. It got it straight out. I'm a definite convert.

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