Galt Mega Marble Run (Review)

One of The Boy's favourite toy that he has is a simple Marble Run. He adores creating different routes down to the ground, often drawing in a side table or his stool to create platforms, whereas Mr. TBaM will sit there trying to engineer routes that allow for multiple possibilities or use every piece. With the set we have, it's not possible though.

However, we've been sent this rather amazing Mega Marble Run.


It has; 3 vortex drops, 3 paddle wheels, a wiggly bell chute (which marbles chime as they roll past), a 'staircase', 180 degree turn and most importantly a two way chute which means that the marbles have a choice of routes. It also means that Mr. TBaM is happy and his eyebrow can stop twitching with frustration.

For the sheer variety of different parts included and the possible routes down to the ground, this is the best marble run around (aside from the one in Techniquest which stands 6 foot high and 10 foot long) and for the price of £29.99 I think that it's brilliant value and allows for hours of entertainment.

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. says

    OMG that looks like fun. I can remember buying one for my nephew, over 35 years ago! Are the marbles different colours? If so, it would be great fun to race another player, to see who can be the slowest to get to the bottom. i.e. the last one wins!!

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