GTech AirRAM

I've previously reviewed an electric, cordless carpet sweeper from GTech which has always been an absolutely dream to use, and I have taken it on holiday with us several times because it is so compact and easy.

A month or so ago I was sent their latest innovation to trial; the GTech AirRAM.

The GTech AirRAM is a high-performance cordless vacuum cleaner. That in itself caused my husband issues because he didn't think it was possible to have a vacuum cleaner that was cordless, but it is. It's a light and easy to use vacuum cleaner which sucks up the dust and dirt into an easily removed container at the front, compressing it into little bundles which can be picked up and dropped into the bin. And its performance is so good that I continue to be horrified by the contents when I empty it; how are my carpets that mucky when I clean them so frequently?

The fact that the cordless cleaner runs from a rechargeable battery does not diminish from its efficiency; there are four green lights on the front to indicate the strength of the power left before charging again. Charging is in itself incredibly easy as the battery can be removed and takes up minimal space to charge (whereas the carpet sweeper required the whole unit to be plugged in).

With an official approval from the Good Housekeeping Institute, the GTech AirRAM is an amazing invention. Over on the web page there is a whole load of information as to its energy efficiency and how it is possible to monitor its performance, however I wanted to show you how good it is, so I've done a vlog!

I am going to be disposing of my old Electrolux to 'Hoover' Heaven and keeping the AirRAM as my main vacuum cleaner. The only downside about it is that there is no hose or tools to clean the edges, and while it gets close to the walls it doesn't get close enough. However it's not enough to keep my old cleaner, and as I have a handheld vacuum cleaner for the stairs and car, then I shall use that to compensate.

Would I recommend the GTech AirRAM? Absolutely!

Available directly online or in most high-street electrical stores from ยฃ199.

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. Susanne@babyhuddle says

    Awesome vlog! Love that you got The Boy to assemble it, showing how easy it is. And your blue sand test is fab. So much so I would buy one of these!!

  2. says

    Hahaha child labour! lol. (joking). What a cutie. Anyway… on to the Gtech… Looks fantastic but do they have one with a bigger container? I have a cat that sheds a LOT of fur and I don't hoover anywhere near as often as I should – so I'd be emptying that every 30 seconds. It does look absolutely genius though!

  3. Henry says

    I have had the Gtech AirRam for a couple of months following rave reviews.
    It has just started screeching and rattling!
    Have trawled the net I have found many others with the same problem.
    The vac itself sucks well, but fills up too quickly, and then spills dirt on the floor.
    It does not pack the dust into blocks, and emptying it can be messy and dusty.
    The battery does not last as long as advertised, and it needs attachments.
    Not good for edges of carpet either.
    It is a good idea, in theory, but it is not worth ยฃ200, and I would not recommend it to anyone.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Hi Henry,

      Thanks for your comment, I welcome other people's experiences being shared. I wonder what the screeching and rattling is, I've not heard that from mine. It does fill up quickly, but as I show in my video it sucks up an incredible amount of dust and dirt, and the container is visibly not as large as a conventional vacuum cleaner. Mine certainly compresses the dust and dirt down into a block that I can pick up with my fingers to remove, without it falling apart, and then the surplus dirt gets tipped into the bin. I will agree that the angle for emptying can be a little tricky. As for the battery, I've not had a problem but I agree that the fact it doesn't have attachments is a pain, and something I pick up on in my review. I'm still very happy with mine, use it daily, and would still happily recommend it. However, as I say I do welcome others' opinions.

      Best wishes,


  4. Geoff Lannon says

    I have a GTECH Airram. It does a good cleaning job as everyone says. I note however Henry's comments above the reference to a rattling noise when using the GTECH. Mine makes a similar rough noise on and off as sweeping progress's. It goes from a smooth noise to rattling back to smooth. It seems to be from contact between the rotating brush assembly and the plastic housing. I have noticed other people say the GTECH is noisey. It is my one complaint and every time I hear this rattle makes me think this cleaner is not as good a quality as the TV advert may suggest. The noise will return to smooth if a clean any loose fibre stands out that get locked around the brush assembly. I think GTECH need to take a fresh look at their design/quality in this product.


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