The GTech Multi (Review)

Before Christmas I was sent the brand new GTech Multi to review. It was a very opportune time to put a new vacuum cleaner through its paces considering the amount of glitter, tinsel, artificial Christmas tree needles (yes, they still drop them like a real one does), food crumbs and tiny pieces of wrapping paper (which seem to multiply) there was around the house. And we really did test it very well, there was a lot of glitter in this house.

We've continued to give it a rigorous testing ever since, mainly because The Boy really likes glitter!

GTech are a relatively young brand when it comes to carpet cleaning, but the expression 'new brooms sweeping clean' really does speak volumes in their case. I have previously reviewed the GTech AirRAM and couldn't have praised it any more than I did for the ease of use, in fact I did a video review where I poured two bowls of 50g of blue sand into my cream carpet, rubbed it in, and then compared the power of my Electrolux vacuum against the AirRAM's suction. As the GTech cleaner actually sucked up all of the 50g, plus another 3g of dirt in my (previously vacuumed) carpet. That wasn't embarrassing at all!

At the time when I reviewed the AirRAM, my only criticism of it was that it didn't have a hose and therefore any attachments to clean the edges or the stairs.

GTech have solved that problem by creating the Multi.

GTech Multi

See there's no cord? That's because it's one of the few cordless and powerful handheld vacuum cleaners around of this quality. With a run time of 30 minutes from charging, the Multi is perfect for cleaning stairs, the car, and all those awkward to reach places around cupboards and piano legs (or is that just my house?). It weighs 1.6kg so it very lightweight and not at all too heavy to use or manoeuvre. It also has a selection of attachments and devices on board to make it easier to clean all areas; long length crevice tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush, extendable hose and an extension tube (available free when ordering directly from GTech).

But the best bit about the GTech are the headlights!

Yes, they have installed headlights on a vacuum cleaner! However silly that initially sounds, the two small LED lights either side of the attachment area make hoovering in crevices, cars and stairs so much easier! They really help to highlight all the dirt and dust which would otherwise be missed.

As the 50g blue sand was such an effective review technique, I decided to repeat it with the GTech Multi. I don't have another cleaner to compare it against, however I wanted to see how much of the sand it could suck up. I actually had doubts that it would manage to be as effective as the AirRAM, purely because of the trigger button feature and the crevice nozzle.

I set to the task with my trusty digital weighing scales and blue sand!

2014-01-31 13.53.05

While it didn't suck up all 50g of blue sand, I can certainly forgive it for missing the 1g (or less) of blue sand that it didn't suck up. Considering how much I rubbed it into the carpet, I felt it was very effective at vacuuming it.

Cleaning the Multi is not quite as straightforward as the AirRAM, but at the same time it's hardly onerous. The clear barrel pulls away from the main machine, the lid unclips and the filter in the middle can be removed very easily to wash out. There is a filter on the lid which should be unclipped and the dust removed from, as this is where quite a lot of fluff can collect. However, the whole cleaning process is quick and simple to do. And, if like my husband, you put it back together the wrong way up, then a red light flashes on the Multi to tell you that the filter is blocked.

We have used it to clean the car, and my husband commented that it made life so much easier that he didn't need to feed the extension cable through the porch window and position the car as close as possible to the house.

Priced at only £149.00 then I think the GTech Multi is an incredibly effective cordless and handheld cleaner.

UPDATE 06/09/14: I have noticed a decline in the power and therefore suction of the GTech Multi I'm sorry to say. I do clean the filter regularly but it doesn't seem to make much difference. It still works for light dirt around the edges of carpets and for cobwebs, but it is now struggling to suck up sand from the carpet in the car. The lights have also stopped working. A real shame for a machine with big promise.

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. mrs j vale says


    • Janet says

      The g tech multi is RUBBISH. It is a complete waste of money and hardly sucks anything up except the odd cobweb. It is also heavy. I have asked for my money back. Will let you know how good the customer after care is!!!


      • TheBoyAndMe says

        Hi Jan, I've updated my review because, like you, I've noticed it not sucking up as well. Initially it was a good machine, but there seems to be a loss of power over time (obviously not related to a low battery charge). Hope you find a handheld to suit you.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Over the time I've owned the Multi I've noticed a decline in the power, and have now updated my review to show as such. I agree with you though that the AirRAM is amazing, I've got rid of my other hoover.

  2. M barham says

    I was glad to see the reviews left from other users. I thought it was just me. It is too heavy and its suction is useless. It's the worst hand held ever I shall be returning it

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      The suction seems to have become worse and worse, unfortunately. I'm quite disappointed as the AirRAM is wonderful.

  3. Joyce Davies says

    These machines are over hyped and quite expensive if they don't don't perform as they should. I hope people who are dissatisfied are able to get their money back.

  4. michael wiles says

    I have returned mine back to them for all the reasons above I think it is rubbish I have had stronger 12v car ones the other one is ok though

  5. Sue says

    K9 Air Ram is great but don't buy the Multi it's rubbish.
    Does not clean the stairs I have to get my Dyson out for them.
    It is far to heavy to hold up for cobwebs etc and the tools are not long enough. You have to bend to dust skirting boards etc not good for people with bad back, wish I'd bought the Dyson cordless

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you for your comment, all feedback is welcome. Have you got the extension pipe which is available free from GTECH? I find it really useful for skirting boards etc.

  6. Barry says

    I fully agree the others, the AirRam is great but the Multi is a pile of *rap! The suction was so poor it made me drive down to Currys so I could try the Dyson DC59 for comparison. I know the Dyson is twice the price but, unlike the Multi it works and sucks well. The Multi seems like a toy by comparison

  7. Susan says

    I too have just bought the multi, and I am sending it back, it is absolute rubbish, too heavy, extension wand falls out, poor suction, really disappointed with it.

  8. Steve M says

    I had exactly the same experience with the Multi losing suction, but the problem was I had not cleaned the filter, which is inside the green tube inside the collection bin. As soon as I cleaned the filter the suction returned to normal. The filter is hidden away so maybe some people are missing this like I had. I was feeling very disappointed in the drop in performance thinking I was cleaning the Multi properly but now I am really happy with it again and find it so useful.

  9. susan podhorodecka says

    I have been disappointed with my gtech multi very early on. My husband felt it wasn't very good – it didnt have much power and left bits behind. I was very impressed with the upright air ram so thought the multi would be the same. I regret not complaining straight away.

  10. Ed Bell says

    Initial experience of the Multi was very good. However after first indication that the main filter required cleaning it has been most disappointing. The filter took ages to dry out and the filter warning light came on again almost as soon as it was replaced. I thought there may be a problem with this particular filter or the time required for it to be satisfactorily dried so bought a new filter. I am afraid the results are still unsatisfactory.

  11. Rachel says

    I've had my multi for a while now, maybe 9 months and it's such a disappointment! Has anyone tried to send one back and got there money back?

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I don't know. I have had a replacement recently and the newer model is significantly better than the one I previously had. Have you contacted customer service about it? They're very obliging and are keen to rectify issues.

  12. Sharon says

    I agree. I thought I'd not put the filter back in properly after cleaning but that's not the case at all. My gtech multi (not quite a year old) won't even suck crumbs off a wooden floor now!!!!! Very disappointed!

  13. Sara says

    I too am experiencing the same no suction with my hand held GTech. I love my Air Ram but not this hand held version. I have carefully cleaned every part that I can and have a new filter that I bought as an extra, Battery charges fully but this cleaner. looks as though it will be binned. How sad as it wasnt cheap.

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