Kiddy: Cruiserfix Pro Group 2/3

Having just read this review about the Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro, it makes a really important point which I want to reiterate. I review a lot of things, and I have been told that they have often sealed the deal for parents looking for information on a specific product. When it's a jigsaw puzzle, a play house or a toddler meal then that's fantastic and makes reviewing worthwhile. When it's a matter of safety, and for the protection of your child, don't take my word on whether it's safe or not. Please look at a proper breakdown on the safety of the Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro, like this one on Which?.

So what will I discuss?

  • Ease of fitting, and
  • Comfort.

The Boy has moved from his five-point Maxi-Cosi Axiss because he's too tall for it, I shouldn't be surprised because he grew out of his first car seat at seven months old. Therefore I needed to get him a decent seat which is robust enough to offer sufficient, and possibly more, protection for my little boy who had just turned three at the time. There aren't many five point harness group 2/3 child seats out there, and I would imagine this is purely due to the age range they span. While a five point harness is perceived to be safer, there is no evidence to support this misconception. In addition, the average seven year old male is not going to find the strap coming between his legs comfortable, and that was why I was happy to take The Boy up to a seat which uses the adult seatbelt.

The Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro is a Group 2/3 seat for the weight range 15-36kg and age range of 4-12 years. It's a big age range, however it adjusts for height and leg length to make it comfortable for the older child to use safely. The page on the Kiddy website gives a very comprehensive breakdown of materials chosen and the shock absorber system.

The seat arrived in the box ready to install. The Cruiserfix Pro has retractable clamps for use with Isofix, which our car (Renault Scenic) has. There are two small yellow brackets which are inserted into the fabric opening of the car seat, and they hold the fabric out of the way to allow the Kiddy seat bracket to attach to the Isofix units. It was relatively easy to attach, although Renault had kindly sewn up the fabric too tightly on one side which meant hacking some excess (and hidden) fabric off. Once attached to the Isofix unit, the seat is pushed back into place against the back of the adult seat. I removed the headrest from the Scenic's seat to ensure a flush fit. I had it fitted within ten minutes, it would have been five if Renault hadn't been so 'meticulous' with their stitching.

The Boy is incredibly comfortable in this seat. His head is inches below the top of the side protectors, and that's even at the lowest setting, and he has space either side of his shoulders and head, but not an excessive amount.

As he's still only just three years old, he does have a tendency to fall asleep in the car on long journeys. That was easier in his old seat as I could tilt it up for him to lie back. Obviously that's not possible in a seat which uses an adult seatbelt. However, because the Cruiserfix Pro has a three-stage leg extension which means that he can push the legrest out himself and put his feet up making himself very comfortable. This is what makes the difference for The Boy as a young user of the seat. He's fallen asleep in it comfortably (for well over an hour) at least a dozen times now.

If I was to ask The Boy why he loves his new seat (because he does) he'd tell you it's because it's a 'big boy seat'. Previously I had to lift him in and out of the Axiss; he's a big boy and I have a rubbish back. These things combined meant that it was becoming a nightmare putting him in. However, now he loves that he can climb in and out himself and only needs mummy to do/undo his seatbelt.

For installation and comfort, the Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro gets a big thumbs up from us!

The Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro retails for £150 and is available from a variety of stockists.

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. My opinion is honest and unbiased. And please check out an independent safety specialist's opinion of any car seat before you buy it.

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