Coombe Mill: Family Farm Holidays

A few weeks ago we did our final bit of taking off for a long weekend, and visited Coombe Mill.

I've followed the Coombe Mill twitter account for about a year and have been enamoured for quite some time at the family-run, family-friendly farm in Cornwall. Fiona's photos each week on her blog are captivating and show children thoroughly enjoying themselves getting back to grass roots and embracing nature.

I dangled the idea at Mr. TBaM a while ago and booked a long weekend, as I had to be back at school on the Wednesday. Coombe Mill have a range of accommodation available in the form of Scandinavian lodges, wooden chalets and stone cottages. We booked the lodge Trebah built in 2010.

Coombe Mill

Trebah is one of four Scandinavian lodges set in a row by one of the playground areas, overlooking the River Camel which flows through the property and separates the guests' properties from the farm animals. My first impression of the lodge was positive when I noticed the fenced in private garden with bolted gates keeping little ones safe from the temptation of the river.

Inside the lodge is a large living area taking up the front half of the floor space. A modern log-burner is an effective focal-point to the living room area, with a flat screen television and freesat box. The other half of the living room contains a kitchen area and dining table for four. It is worth noting at this point that there is a dishwasher as well as a fridge-freezer, a proper one not a fridge with an ice-box. As well as the usual microwave, toaster and kettle gadgets, Fiona has installed a washing machine and separate tumble-dryer which is an absolute God-send after tramping through the mud feeding the animals and splashing through the river.

Coombe Mill

There is a twin bedroom and a family bathroom, as well as a master bedroom with a queen-size bed and en-suite. I will admit to a little squeal when I saw the double-length, walk-in shower. The beds are incredibly comfortable and have thick fluffy duvets and pillows. It was only when I saw that there are three pillows across the width of the master bed that I realised it's a queen-size bed; fantastic!

Probably the best feature of the lodge as far as The Boy was concerned was the upstairs playden, the stairs of which have a gate at the top and bottom. The playden was like a magical world for The Boy with a train set, cars and plenty of other toys, games and puzzles for him to enjoy. This is one of the many child-orientated facilities that Coombe Mill offer, along with a highchair or booster seat, black-out blinds, bed-guard and, if applicable, a cot.

Coombe Mill

Coombe Mill is a ten minute drive from the nearest mini-mart and about twenty-thirty minute drive from the nearest supermarket. As a result, Fiona has a fridge stocking milk, cheese, butter, clotted cream and bread in it, and a freezer with home-cooked main meals and desserts which she has knocked up for those guests who don't fancy cooking.

Did I mention there's free wi-fi?

Along with the four play areas (including a wooden fortress, Little Tykes climbing frame, zip-wire, pirate ship, indoor soft-play barn, car play area and a long side) there is the exciting opportunity every morning to drive the tractor that leads the feed run.

So what makes Coombe Mill different to other family friendly holidays in Cornwall? Why not go to one of the other resorts like we have done before? What makes Coombe Mill special?

This…Every morning (Sunday-Friday) at 9 a.m. there is a tractor-ride to feed Coombe Mill's farm animals which include pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, donkeys, pigs, alpacas, wallabies, goats and deer. The children walk into the animals' enclosures and are able to feed and touch the animals themselves, learning from completely different experiences to their normal lives.

How many other family holidays can boast all that?

(And  that's why we've booked again for next Summer)

Not an advert or a sponsored post. I paid for this holiday myself and I know how much other bloggers are intrigued by the place, so I wanted to share the ins and outs because it's amazing!

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  1. says

    it does look amazing and your photos help to promote it even more. its what a family holiday us all about. Its no wonder Fiona does so well and won her MADS award. great post and how wonderful that the boy experienced so many new adventures x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It would be amazing if you could come down and spend the day with us when we stay there next year. If you come down early enough you could enjoy the feed run too!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      We are not buying anything from here until August so that we can go again next August! I want to enjoy things like this with him when he's young enough to still enjoy it. Plus it's now my happy place.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      If you can manage it, it's the most amazing holiday. You might want to wait until H is two+ before attempting it because I can't see non-confident walkers getting much out of it.

  2. says

    What can I say, I am so proud to see such a lovely review from you and I know The Boy adored his tractor driving. You were all delightful and took on board the whole essence of Coombe Mill. Roll on next year when you all return!

  3. says

    it looks a great place & reminds me of a farm holiday that we had in the US a few years ago. I would love to go & maybe one day we might actually be able to afford it in the school holidays!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It's so brilliant, and hand on heart, I'm extremely pleased that there's a river between us and the animals; no clucking and squawking keping us awake.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Not sure how old your little one is, but I'd say they'd need to be confident walkers to get the most out of it.

      Thanks for your lovely comment.

  4. Circusmum says

    ooh I wanted to go this summer but left it to late to book, I must check out next year before it's too late!!
    The photos you took are great and gives me a really good idea of what makes it so special!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you for your lovely comment, it really is an incredibly special place and the best family holiday we've had so far.

      If you want to book up, I would suggest speaking to Fiona (@coombemill) soon as she's getting booked up already!

  5. michelle twin mum says

    So glad you had a good time, that Fiona sure knows how to run a jolly good family orientated business. Mich x


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