ShowOff ShowCase: The One That Should Have Done Better

It's that time of year again, you might have noticed the effect. Over the last few months, the culmination of Easter, CybHer, half-term holidays and BritMums Live! has meant that there are a fair few posts which, if published at another time of year, might have done better.

This weekend is your opportunity to link-up that post that filled you with a sense of satisfaction. You typed that last full stop, pressed 'publish' and thought "yes, this will be a good one!" and waited.

And waited.

But no bugger actually bothered to read it, or if they did they certainly didn't comment on it!

Why? I can still hear you shouting it at the stats counter/comments log.

Heaven only know why. They didn't deserve it, they were good posts. It's not their fault that they were published when 500 bloggers were in London. They don't deserve to feel inadequate, not when they've done nothing wrong.

This weekend, I'd like you to help that post to hold its head up high! Brush them off, stick my badge at the bottom of the post and show them off for everyone to see. Don't be ashamed of them, help them shout at everyone:


ShowOff ShowCase

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  1. says

    What a great idea! I linked one of mine that I wrote when I first started but didn't have many readers. I have read some of the ones above and then realised that I forgot to add your little 'show off showcase' button. Sorry! I can't yet see my post anyway, perhaps I could add it before you display it?

  2. Rebecca says

    Nice to see the showoff showcase back! This one was my first post when I went self hosted. So o one saw it. Humph. Surely everyone should have been waiting with baited breath for what I was going to do next.

  3. says

    It was hard to choose just one! I've looked at and commented on those before me snd will those behind later..
    Would love it if everyone

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