Sunday 1st April 2012 – 'What's In Here?' (92/366)

I love this photo, mostly because it shows his growth in 14 months from the same shot taken last year; he was almost bent double to get in this year. I also love it because I used to go into this hole as a child as well, as did every (now) adult in my home-town. I swear the park-keeper maintains the hole and tunnels inside the hedge to encourage the fun!

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It's a hole in a thick hedge in a local park. All the children (including me!) go exploring in it.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It's a hole in the hedge in a local park. There's a tunnel through the thick hole and it comes out in various places. We used to go through it as kids, he discovered it this time last year and it was the 365 for that day then. Today he had to bend double to go through!

  1. circusmum says

    Oooh I love it! It's like an entrance to an enchanted world, yup it's a hedge to you and me but to kiddies imginations it must be fab!!

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