Why I'll Need A Time-Turner

Now that The Boy is getting older, I've started to contemplate different types of days out with him. He's getting to the age where he has a sustained period of concentration, he's interested in stories and the whys and hows of things, and loves to experience new things. It never fails to amaze me the memories that he comes out with, small events that happened last year but they pop into his head at the most obscure of times when something prompts his recall of them.

I think that the great family day out is something that needs to have a resurgence, it's way too easy to spend the weekends lolling around and not doing anything. When I was a child we always went out on a Sunday afternoon and did something, even if it was only to a park or the beach, possibly a ruined castle, but always something as a family. I don't think there's much of an effort in families nowadays to do this. Maybe parents think that the time spent together has to involve a lot of cost, but I actually think a lot of it comes down to a) the stress of both parents working and b) Sunday trading hours allowing for afternoons spent in supermarkets! Hardly the essence of childhood memories is it?

In June, we'll be going to London for the BritMums Live blogging conference. I say 'we' because there is no way that I'm leaving Mr. TBaM and The Boy here on their own. I maintain that it's because I'll miss them (and I will) but in all honesty, I'm more worried that they'll have a fab time without me and I can't split myself into two. So I'm dragging them to the capital city for the weekend with me. While I'm busy chatting and socialising networking and improving my blog on the Saturday, I suspect they will be enjoying the Science Museum, it's something that Mr. TBaM has wanted to take The Boy to since before he was even conceived.

I'm still trying to narrow down what to do on the Sunday when we have our family time together. I've had fabulous suggestions of London Zoo, the Transport Museum and of course I want to check out Hyde Park and the London Eye. However, I'm wondering how we could forget one of the things that for me is synonymous with London? How could we possibly neglect the West End?

Is there time to squeeze in a child's day out at the theatre or am I asking too much from a (then) three year old? And even then, which production? There are so many different and marvellous musicals on at the moment that I wouldn't know where to start. Maybe one of those that had the 'search for the star' type tv shows? I could always investigate Wizard of Oz tickets but I think that would be more for me in my attempts to get closer to those sparkly shoes that I've always covetted.

I suspect that unless I manage to procure Hermoine's time-turner that we're going to be sticking to the London Eye and Hyde Park, but you never know!

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    At 3, my two couldn't even sit through a film without at least 1 trip to the toilet, 1 trip just because, and possibly about 20 minutes of asking when it was time to go home. If the weather is nice, try Kensington or Kew Gardens. Have a great time, no matter what you do.

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    Love London Zoo, I've been there several times over the years in fact I think it was the first place in London I ever went to! Not been for many years now but would love to take Leo one day.

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    I am thinking of bringing OH and Baby Z too but not sure about entertainment for an 18 month old. He will be too young for the theatre, although how fab is that if he was older! I reckon London zoo will be fun if the weather holds up!

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