Sunday 13th November 2011


I know that Silent Sunday is supposed to be 'silent' but I'm taking the advantage here to highlight the fact that Pampers have joined with Unicef and are donating a vaccine for maternal and newborn tetanus for every pack sold. You can help without buying Pampers by popping over to their FB page and 'liking' them, which will result in them donating the cost of a vaccine to Unicef. It's just two clicks away!

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  1. Katie Bailey says

    I love how kids have more fun with empty boxes than toys. Right, I'm buying a job lot for Christmas, will save me some pennies!! I always buy pampers, not just cause they're the best nappies I've found but because of that, very worthy cause. Fab pic too :0)

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thanks, glad it's 'approved' of, if only for this week. I don't like breaking rules, even if they are unwritten nowadays.

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