My Empire

I have been tagged by both the marvellous MummyMummyMum and the wonderful Would Like To Be a Yummy Mummy in a little meme which asks us to reveal our blogging haven; where we sit and converse with the world through our 14inch screens.

It's not saintly at all, it's a complete and utter comfort zone of blogging ease. This is my seat in the living room, woe betide anyone who sits here. Several reasons that it's mine; table for my constant glass of water and access to the power-leads for the laptop and external HDD. You'll also notice the USB lead for my camera, the Ultra Flip-Cam HD on the table and the remote control. I've noticed that I need to wash the sofa covers.

So there you go, I'm a slob and will pretend to be nothing else.

And I like the colour blue!

I tag:

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  1. says

    there are a lot of comfy corners coming out – I must admit that I am in my comfy corner tonight as it's getting a little chilly in the kitchen these days & I don't want to put the heating on just to heat that one room! maybe if I had a side table within easy reach I would be here more….

    funny how we don't notice things ourselves until we see a photo..

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I was going to take a photo of the dining room table which is where I blog when I have a lot to do and need to feel focused. However, it's currently covered in stuff because I have a lot to do…

  2. Jenny Paulin says

    Awww love your little angel looking down on you too πŸ™‚
    It's funny how we all have our own seat isn't it? I sit in same place on sofa as a rule too and if I sit where daddy does in the day, Burton tells me "no mummy, daddy's seat" charming!! Xx

  3. Katie Bailey says

    That looks very comfy :0) and no one with kids has clean sofas (for long anyway)!! It's nice to know where you are when you're chatting away to us. I have MY chair where I sit to write. In the evening, it's mine and hubs can't even use the arm of the sofa he sits on because that's where my mac goes!

  4. Jennie says

    I sit in the corner of my sofa too but have no table, have the mantlepiece for my drink and everything else gets balanced on a basket of toys x

  5. says

    I have that same side of the sofa. Me and OH each have our side and if ever we have visitors and end up sitting on the "wrong" side (and can't get up and swap because that would look weird) we swap over as soon as they've gone! Weird, us?

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