Mango & Coconut Paneer

Recently there seems to be cookery going on all around me. Not in real-life™ you understand, that would involve more effort than reheating something from the freezer.

Now I've resisted taking part too much because I am neither a Nigella or a Fanny (steady on), but I'm getting swept along with the tide. With the onset of Autumn and the swiftly arriving Winter, I feel the need for home-cooked goodness.

 Without much further ado, I present to you (fitting into the theme of spices for the Recipe Shed):

Mango & Coconut Paneer


  • 2 tbspmango chutney
  • paneer – cut into cubes
  • baby carrots
  • broccoli
  • sweet potato
  • 4 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp each of paprika, chilli powder and coriander
  • coconut milk
  • basmati rice

 1. Prep baby carrots, small florets of broccoli and cubes of sweet potato. Par-boil for 10 minutes.

 2. Mix together 4 tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon each of paprika, chilli powder and coriander. Cube the paneer and marinade for ten-twenty minutes.

 3. Pour the paneer mixture into a hot frying pan and cook on a medium heat until the paneer is brown and crispy on all sides.

 4. Add the par-boiled vegetables and lightly fry. Spoon in 2 tablespoons of mango chutney and simmer on a low heat. Pour in half a can of coconut milk and reduce down.

 5. Meanwhile, open a packet of Tilda Basmati rice (because I am incapable of cooking rice without it turning to sticky stodge!) and cook in the microwave for 2 minutes. The rice will be light, fluffy and actually be separate grains of rice (as opposed to when I cook rice and it ends up in one mass). Why would go to all that effort when this is perfect?

 6. Spoon the rice into a mould, press down and carefully remove. Serve the paneer immediately.


Recipe Shed

I was provided with the Tilda Basmati Rice for the purpose of review, my opinion is honest. I decided to kill two birds with one stone, and Keith didn't mind.

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  1. says

    I love that recipe, only had paneer once I think, was never sure what it actually was – is it a kind of cheesy thing?? You are turning a bit Nigella now….what with the tempura, and now paneer, par-boiling & marinading!!

  2. Jenny Paulin says

    Ooooh it looks lovely. So it's a Fruity based curry I guess? I could add chicken couldn't I? Mmmm thanks it would be something different x


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