Wee Will Get There!

Yes, it's another potty training post.

Yesterday we lengthened the time between potty-pit-stops to 20-25 minutes and it went well. We had three little accidents but each time he knew what he was doing, said "I doing a wee-wee" and then sat himself down on the potty! We were over the moon, surely that's progress?

Later in the afternoon we had the event that we were crapping ourselves about, because we were hoping that he wouldn't! Turns out daddy caught him just in time as he started to squat, and then I heard a measured, but slightly frantic bellow. I rushed in with nappy-sacks and toilet wipes and rescued both of them. What was amazing for both of us was the curiosity on The Boy's face. This is where I realised why emptying the nappy out down the toilet in front of The Boy might have been useful, because I don't think he's ever seen his own nappy contents before!

So today was day three of the wee-wee fest! We lengthened it to 30 minute intervals and there were times when he went 45 minutes in between pit-stops. Once he even went over an hour! There was only minor accident when he started to spot, he looked down, Grandad asked him if he needed the potty and he took himself over to it. I was so impressed with him, such a big boy. Then mid-afternoon, it happened; the bit I'd been dreading and because I had taken my eyes off him for one minute I missed it. I managed to catch him halfway through a deposit and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! Bless his heart, he even said to me "Mummy, please change my pants?"

Tomorrow we're going for a scheduled 40 minutes and I will be asking him a lot more rather than just sitting him on it.

Wish me luck!

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  1. says

    Sounds like real progress today. The bit about not recognising the nappy contents took me back, my daughter did the same after her first giant poo on the potty… we were all cheering, she got up and looked and burst into tears at what she had produced! You are winning and I love your writing style, more please!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thanks Fiona. It must be a hell of a shock for them because actually it's quite frightening really isn't it?

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