Day Four in the Potty-Training House…

… and I'm going slightly mad! When hubby comes home from work, I will be like the flash to get in the car and out to Starbucks. Even The Boy recognises my need to freedom, "We go Starbooks mummy. You need a caramel coffee frappucino. I need one too!" See? Potty-training is hard on everyone.

So far today, I have come downstairs for breakfast to the sound of "it's ok, daddy get the wipes STAND STILL!", which I looked at and walked away from. Nowt in my stomach means I can't deal with poo first thing. Daddy learnt the harsh way that you do not leave a potty-training toddler unattended. When he buggered off to work, life became a lot easier all of a sudden!

Today I've lengthened the intervals to, on average, 45 minutes between visiting the magic blue pot, although mid-morning he did manage well over an hour. I've also tried to stop helping him so much. I'm asking him if he needs to go, then asking him to sit on the potty and do a wee, then I give him reminders of what to do: pull your pants down, sit down, no don't flick them in the air over by the piano or you won't be able to put them back on again after, wipe, pull your pants up, tuck your willy in, what a clever boy now wash your hands. It's tiring and relentless, but it's starting to pay off and he's getting there by himself. Earlier I asked him to go to the potty and he walked over and toileted himself: I was so proud of him!

He's just woken up from a mammoth nap, well over two and a half hours, and his nappy was quite dry! Then he held his bladder until he went on the potty three minutes later. Hoorah, small steps but I think we might be getting there.

Last night I started reading Gina Ford's Potty Training in a Week, which I know bearing in mind I'm halfway through the week is a bit late, but what the hey? Some of it I didn't get, like for example; day 1 you put them on the potty every 15 minutes and get them to sit there for 5-10 minutes. Quite frankly, that's ridiculous! If The Boy hasn't gone within 15 seconds, he ain't going to go. I really don't think they should be encourage to just sit there until they go; that's catching not training! On day 2 you should go from reminding him to go to asking him, which makes sense, but I'd say we did that yesterday on day 3. On day 3, Gina says you should leave the house for a short visit to a nearby friend's house. WHAT? Are you mental woman?

Then we come to days 4-7 where apparently your child is trained. Um… what? When did that happen? The advice that you should move the potty closer to the bathroom makes sense, but as hubby pointed out in our house that's moving it up the steps one at a time and we're not sure of the safety of him weeing on the stairs. Apparently by the end of the first week, the potty should be in the bathroom and your toddler will be dry for several hours. Is she having a laugh?

Anyway, the one thing in the book that I did think was useful was the following ten signs of your toddler being ready to potty-train:

  1. He is over 18 months old.
  2. His nappy is frequently dry when you get him up from daytime naps. A dry nappy a couple of hours since his last nappy change would also be an indication that he is getting some bladder control.
  3. He is aware when he is doing a poo, i.e. going very quiet and showing signs of concentration, or points to his nappy and says poo or pee pee when he has done one.
  4. He can understand and follow simple instructions, i.e. go and fetch your red ball or put your toy in the box.
  5. He is eager to participate in taking of his own clothes, i.e. shoes, socks and shorts, and understands what pulling his shorts up and down mean.
  6. Can point to the different parts of his body when you name them, for example "where's your tummy button?" or "where's your nose?" etc.
  7. He has the ability to sit still and occupy himself or concentrate for five to ten minutes with a toy, book or watching a video.

Oh, that's seven not ten. There you go proof if ever was needed that I am losing it.

In about five minutes time my husband is going to be walking through the door and I will be pushing him out the way to see the outside world! I've not been out of this house, apart from to the washing line, since Friday evening and I am going stir-crazy. The Boy has benefitted from this focused potty-training but I'm going mental! I will be getting one of each of the following items:


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  1. Lucy@who_loves_me_ says

    Ha ha!! We're about a week ahead of you and this is exactly what our first week was like!

    It's getting better (and I even think it's now easier than nappies!), but still hilarious (for want of a better word) at times!


    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I can't believe the difference in financial impact! It's so much easier than nappies, although part of me wishes we were going straight onto a toilet rather than using the potty.

      • Lucy@who_loves_me_ says

        I know! Actually the transition from potty to toilet is relatively quick…. Although always handy to have a travel potty for out and about! 🙂

  2. says

    Can I have a starbooks? But a choc one? He sounds like he's doing really well. I agree it'd be heart in mouth time going to visit a friend just now. I dont blame you, I'd be going stir crazy too after that long in the house. You can do it!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      He managed an hour and a half out yesterday at Ikea with a visit to the toilet and then a little "Mummy I need a wee-wee" in the car on the way home.

  3. Maria Jose @verybusymama says

    Not easy, but you are doing well! I started months ago just having a potty around and then just did it now. So you doing it in one week for the first time ever is a big challenge. You might want to add a little Baileys to those Frappuccions…makes everything go much much smoother! 😉 x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Now, a Baileys into a frappucino is not something I'd have thought of, but how lovely would that be? Oooh, add ice-cream too! Right, I'm off to the supermarket this afternoon!

  4. KatieB says

    You and the boy are doing really well, keep at it chick, it will be worth it in the end. Just think of all the money saved on nappies, we're already noticing a massive difference.
    I can understand the cabin fever, being stuck in is the worst thing ever and I think the TT's have caught it from me, they climb the walls (literally) after a morning in the house!
    I was going to suggest a potette earlier but looks like you didn't need me! If you're feeling the walls closing in tomorrow do go visit a friend, just visit one without carpet or meet them outside, that way accidents won't matter :0) Looking forward to hearing about day 5….

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      No, instead I have two potettes! I'm already noticing a massive difference in cost; no nappies apart from at night and hugely cut down on wipes!

  5. Jenny Paulin says

    Really interesting I would say Burton can def do all 6 of those things himself and has been doing so for some months or weeks now. I haven't tried changing him before a nap to check it after, I will do this next time, as this is the only one I don't know if he can do.
    The boy is still doing so well as are you and I would like a caramel latte please if you are going to star bucks again!! Thanks x

  6. says

    It is really hard. I feel for you. My two year old is peeing standing up but the poops are a no no with him. Your boy is doing very well. I'm told it takes boys longer, I'm not convinced. He will get there. x

  7. says

    I would say that Leo does all those things no problem, but potty training him just seems to look like an impossible task, but maybe that's just me and not him.
    And I thought getting him of bottles was hard *sigh*


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