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The past few weeks have been dull and dreary, following an early burst of summertime. I'm desperately hoping that we will have more Summer, especially for The Boy's birthday in a fortnight. I am panicking about the weather, it makes a change from panicking about the patio furniture and tableware. However, we're lucky because generally the weather in June is good and we have a lovely back-garden in which we can have many a party. No fuss and nonsense in soft-play centres for us, not until I discover the reason why everyone goes there (I suspect that it's because hosting a party is expensive and messy, I'm yet to find this out).

Tara is also obviously feeling the need to celebrate our own little patches of turf or bark, patio or railway sleepers.

I thought it was time we give our Gallery a bit of colour. A bit of oomph. I thought it was time we got out into the fresh air and enjoyed the spring sunshine (well, certainly here in the UK) and take in lungfuls of fresh air. And I thought it was time we showed the world just how beautiful the simplest of things can be. Who needs lots of fancy when you can step into your back garden and discover ladybirds, the most gorgeous blooms, vibrant trees and all manner of adventures?

So, this week's theme is: My Backyard.

I love my garden, it is my own little patch of heaven and one of the reasons that we bought this house. It's an ex-council house and, by and large, they are known for having decent sized, rectangular gardens. Which it is.

70 foot long  by 30 foot wide.

When we bought the house, the garden was much the same as every other garden in the neighbourhood; a concrete path to a concrete washing-line post, grass and a hedge. Now, it is the only garden on either side for 5 or 6 gardens (that's as far as I can see out of the back bedroom window) that is anything but that.

This is the before and preparation.

I'm a little OCD about things, especially in my garden and so I planned the decoration of my new blank canvas and this is what the result was. Yes, if I remember correctly, it is drawn to scale.

Everything  panned out almost as I wanted it to, although we've made a few adjustments to it over the last year in order to create more play space for The Boy. Also having been to The Getty Centre in Los Angeles and been inspired by the beautiful gardens there, my water feature changed somewhat.

This is the picture that I posted last week in my 365 to show what my garden looks like now.

And these are some of the reasons why I love my backyard.

Now pop over and see the other entries using this nifty little gizmo.

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    Top marks on a great entry!! Check your drawing out! Maybe you should have been a landscape gardener? Love your photos showing why you love your garden 🙂 xx

  2. says

    Love that you actually had the dedication to complete the project rather than spending 6 months dreaming and planning and then doing nothing at all like me. Lovely.

  3. says

    Wow. We are just about to redo our garden, ever thought about going into business? I have sketches, but to actually turn them into real garden, hmmm!
    beautiful garden and inspiring post.

  4. @somethingblue_2 says

    Wow what a fantastic garden. I'm not remotely green figured (or particularly outdoors-y at the best of times) but if I had a garden like this I'd be in it all the time! x

  5. says

    I've always admired your garden from previous posts of The Boy playing out there.
    Lovely to be able to see the progress and the HUGE amount of work you've put into it. Totally worth it, its beautiful.


  1. […] and that was basically it. Oh, and a hell of a lot of broken glass. Six and a half years later and we're still picking bits out of the flowerbeds. First thing to go, before we'd even done anything to the house, was the path and washing line. I blogged about the transformation back in May 2011, linking it up to The Gallery. […]

  2. […] In theory it's a great area; a decent sized patio, a fabulous triangular pergola (I'm still in awe of my husband for working out how to build this, and then doing so), a beautiful cherry blossom tree, sheltered from the wind which blows up the 'tunnel' created by living in a long street of parallel houses. All of these things should mean it's a perfect area and it's certainly what I had in mind when I designed it. […]

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