The Bottom Of My Garden

This is the bottom of my garden…


…and I am deeply unhappy with it.

In theory it's a great area; a decent sized patio, a fabulous triangular pergola (I'm still in awe of my husband for working out how to build this, and then doing so), a beautiful cherry blossom tree, sheltered from the wind which blows up the 'tunnel' created by living in a long street of parallel houses. All of these things should mean it's a perfect area and it's certainly what I had in mind when I designed it.

However, as you can see it's a dumping ground. The Boy is far too big to play with those toys and we have nowhere else to put them. And because I'd like to grant him the joy of a sibling at some point, I refuse to get rid of them. Therefore they stay cluttering up the bottom patio and being no good to anyone. Furthermore, it doesn't get any sun and as a result it's not the idyllic space I'd hoped for. And that cherry tree has pushed up the paving slabs around it.

So you can see that it's just a space which is. And it's a waste.

I am planning on changing the garden around (yet again) in light of the fact that The Boy now has no climbing equipment in it. Well he does, but I'm not entirely sure that climbing up the side of the slide is the correct use for it. Nor is that what a swing is for. And so I've been investigating climbing frames which might be suitable for him and not take up too much space in the garden, although the only problem is that they unfortunately do take up a lot of space because an allowance has to be given for 'fall space'.

explorer 2

If only you knew how many times I've stood in the garden trying to work out how to fit it all in without changing too much of the structure.

Mr. TBaM and I have come to the conclusion that the best place would be along the side of the garden (as he still needs lawn space to run around and play ball games in), which means that we need to relocate his Little Tikes house from the beautifully laid, year old patio in the same spot. It's going to go down to the bottom of the garden on half of the patio above, the other half of the patio has already been taken up to provide the tree with more space for its roots, and to relocate the compost bin.

I'm also looking to set up two more things down in newly reclaimed area of garden; a mud pie kitchen and a willow den (somehow incorporating the trunk of the cherry tree).


Mr. TBaM has no idea that I want to build a willow den at the bottom of the garden, but I think it's a fun thing to have and I can just imagine The Boy sitting and reading his books in it in the future.

And did I mention that he's having a party in the garden for his fourth birthday in a month. And of course I want it finished by then.

Wouldn't you?

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  1. says

    I love the idea of a mud kitchen and the willow den! Will have to investigate them too! And that climbing frame looks fab. We need one too as the new slide isn't going to last long if they keep climbing up it!

  2. says

    Let's hope that the weather allows you to get things done before his birthday. After nearly being blown off the face of the earth over here in the east, it's now raining cats and dogs! Well, as a gardener, I can say that I am pleased about the rain, but would have preferred it at night! Ha ha.

  3. says

    Ah, it sounds perfect and I know what you mean about the garden toys! I'm in a quandary because we've just converted the baby swing into a 'grown up' swing for Bud (it was his birthday present so he has first dibs) but now Little Miss has no swing. It's complicated!

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