Flashback Friday: Musical Prodigy

It's coming up to The Boy's birthday and today, with my little boy feeling poorly and needing a lot of cuddles, I've come over all reflective of when he was a tiddler.

Every Monday during term-time we go to Monkey Music. He adores it, loves the group leader and gets quite a lot out of it; which is just as well because neither of us are musical. I've got a piano in the dining room and yet it sits there unplayed, just waiting. It's waiting for The Boy to play it and it's very patient.

I bought the piano from the school that I work in six years ago; it was the old infants piano that was used when I went to that school. They were having a reoganisation of the pianos in the school, and that one was destined for either the tip or to be bought by the piano-tuner and reconditioned. Mwha ha ha, I got in there first! My old headteacher sold it to me £100 which I consider a real bargain. We spent the best part of a week sanding it down in the evenings, teachers are terrible creatures for leaving coffee-mug rings.

I didn't start this post with the intent of waffling on about my piano, bear with me; I've gone off on a tangent.

Oh yes, so when I was feeling nostalgic earlier about my little baby I found this video. It was taken around about this time last year and the change in The Boy since then is immense.

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  1. @somethingblue_2 says

    So cute! I know exactly what you mean about the piano. I love ours yet since JW was born it has just been sitting gathering dust & used as extra storage space! Unfortunately we are about to get rid of ours as we really need to make room for a table & chairs. I'll be gutted to see it go but I know that sitting down for family meals will be more beneficial to JW. I hope that one day we will have a bigger house so I can have a piano again x

  2. says

    Lovely post. I never took any videos of the Pickle when she was little (we were technologically deprived) so must make the effort to capture Beanie when he is born and still little!
    I love the story of the piano, it is great to hear how things become real with a bit of love and a good story.

  3. alysonsblog says

    I used to do a music class with the children I nannied for – they loved it – must try and find a local one for my little Liberace xx

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