Review: MyCarryPotty

I'm putting it off, I really am.

It might not be fair, some might call me cruel but I consider it more unfair to him to start and stop and for it to go wrong. And you know what they say; once you start there is no going back!

I am talking about potty-training. I blogged about it last weekend, discussing how I know he's ready. A further development to that is the utter struggle that my mum is having when it comes to getting a nappy back on him. He's also mucking around for hubby. I give him the iPod to distract him because I'm cleverer than those two. However, I know that the refusal to have a nappy on is the classic symptom of being ready for potty-training.

We have been using a potty with him in between changes for the past few months, and so far he has always performed on it, but only when he wants to pass water. He's never tried for the other one.

That was until I was recently sent a MyCarryPotty to review. He is obsessed with it, he absolutely adores it and will always 'perform' on it. He's even chosen to do a number two on it, something which is yet to happen with his static potty.

I've seen people using travel potty before and have been distinctly unimpressed. They seem to need a lot of assembly for what is often drastically urgent use. This is not something that is needed with MyCarryPotty because when you remove the outer packaging that's it; it's ready for use straight away.

And if you are in a position where you're not able to dispose of the contents straightaway then you need not worry because MyCarryPotty is fitted with a clever rubber seal and a clip shut lid. So flip the lid back over and you've got a completely leak and odour-proof container, so wherever your little one is caught short you can be in total control. It's a marvellous idea for unisex use, however you do have to be more careful with little boys that they don't end up spraying everywhere!

The Boy really does love his MyCarryPotty, and I think one of those reasons is because it's bright and attractive with a little handle that means that he can carry it himself. He's quite possessive of it in fact and will strip all his clothes and nappy off when he sees it so that he can use it. I know that when I actually take the plunge in the summer holidays then it is going to be made a lot easier by having a potty that he has ownership of and enjoys using.

For more information on MyCarryPotty visit their Facebook page or twitter stream. You can buy a MyCarryPotty here where they retail for £24.99.

I was sent a MyCarryPotty for review purposes. My opinion is, as always, honest and without prejudice.


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    We had the little one in pull-ups from when she was 1 because she hated having her nappy changes. We've had this potty for a while. Only used it a couple of times. Little one loves it and it's good peace of mind but not good on balance!

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