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This bloke has got a lot to answer for you know:

Him and his flipping Composterium!

We started the day watching this and I've got to say that my initial reaction to it has completely changed; it's a fabulous programme which encourages children to get out and plant, exploring the garden for a marvellous and fantastical world of talking veggies ('Veggies, meet the Veggies, they grow here in my nursery. Veggies, meet the Veggies' repeat until your husband is telling you to stop singing, and no whistling it won't help it go either! All day, ALL DAY I tell you!).

So after a nap (The Boy, not me) and lunch of hot dogs and chips (all of us) we went out into the garden to plant up some seeds. The Boy was so engaged and did everything that I told him to, learning really, really quickly. He filled the pots up with his little 'spade', poked his finger in to make a little hole, dropped some sweetcorn or beetroot seeds in to the hole (or all over the table) and then covered them up with some more soil 'putting them to bed'.

After that, we came in and read 'Grow' by Amy Trevaskus (competition to win a copy over here) and scrubbed our nails repeatedly!

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  1. says

    I have woken in the dead of night with that song on repeat in my brain. So annoying but the girls love his show and the potato songs too

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It is fabulous, he teaches them all about the animals that live in the garden too. 10am in the morning, Cbeebies.


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