Listography: Top Five Searches

The inimitable KateTakes5 has set us the challenge of revealing the top five searches on our blog.

Some people have exciting results like "surfing on jelly" or "nakes bananas". I don't. On WordPress, I have three variations of my blog name and twelve variations for a cosmetic review I did. Oh and an ostrich.

I'm going to check Google Analytics instead…

They're just as bad!

I'm going to sift through the review referrals and pick out the next five that are about content instead.

  1. Learning Through Play: this makes me happy as it's one of the things that I'd like my blog associated with.
  2. Composterium: and now it's going through my head again! Thank you Mr. Bloom!
  3. We Went To The Animal Fayre: ah, that was a good weekend.
  4. Helen Jessup: I kid you not.
  5. I Need a Wee-Wee: ah, famous for my potty-training posts.

I can't believe number four…

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  1. says

    haha that is bizarre!! how did I end up there…..and why are people (and more importantly WHO) googling me! (or someone with the same name?)
    most strange…..

  2. says

    I'm surprised that Splash About Happy Nappy wasn't in there though….after all you are on the first page when I search that term! Just off to google myself now…….

  3. says

    haha thats most strange about Helen coming up on your keywords lol on blogger it only seems to show the top 10 keywords per week/month/all time so my all time is full of various different 'spots on feet' sort of phrases, so is monthly, but the weekly and daily ones made me laugh! why would someone want to search for harry henderson with a pencil in his head!? lol

  4. says

    I'd love to have interesting words too – mine were none existent (have sorted that now!). It is amusing to see how different everyone's can be.

  5. Jenny Paulin says

    Loving how that Helen woman gets a mention lol soooo funny . Your search words were about as exciting as mine x

  6. says

    Night night veggies, sleep tight veggies, we'll see you again soon…..

    It is now stuck in my head!

    I like your Listography! No sex mummy on yours either! (I've seen two blggers with this on their top 5)

  7. says

    Hi. I used to have a website all about couriers. The number 1 weirdest google search that someone came into the website on was "mens underpants" I mean ????? How the heck ??? And they stayed for about 15 page views. People!!!

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