Weekend (In)Activity

We've had a terrible few days; The Boy is teething again and this time it's bad. Probably the worst it's ever been in all fairness. He is suffering unbelievably; chewing his gums, bright red cheeks, not eating, runny nose, doesn't even want to drink milk, high temperature, screaming in pain at night and not able to sleep easily, and of course the de rigeur nappy situation!

This weekend we had such great plans. Yesterday we were going to sort out the garden; adjusting some steps which are too big for him to manage without falling down, mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge, pegging the washing out and playing. We managed to mow the lawn. The Boy felt terrible and needed constant cuddles or nursing.

Today we were going to go to Margam Park, near Swansea, for the day allowing The Boy his morning nap in the car on the way there. After the most horrendous night's sleep that we have ever had, that idea was scrapped. We managed to nip out to a beautiful country park which trails through woodlands, meadows and ends up on the beach. Unfortunately though The Boy didn't want to get out the pushchair and when he was coaxed out, he wouldn't go back in or walk. The poor thing wouldn't even really play with the football apart from for the inital 30 seconds.

On the way home, we tried to tempt him with his favourite park. Surely the slides and swing would enable him to crack a smile? We managed ten minutes of play before again 'up-py' was the request. The poor little chap is suffering so badly, it breaks my heart. The only thing for it was a trip to Nana and Grandad's; pure magic! He giggled and laughed for the first time all day!

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  1. says

    Awwwww hope the teething monster leaves asap. Its horrible how it takes over so much.
    I am teething at the moment, yep, me, so I have huge sympathy for him xx

  2. itsamumsworld says

    Aw hope he feels better soon, my husband's suffering with wisdom teeth at the moment and he said it really makes you feel for the little ones, I think we forget how unpleasant it is. Hope you're making the most of all those lovely cuddles though. x

  3. Mammywoo says

    Poor baby it's heartbreaking. I'm glad nana got a smile, he is such a gorgeous little beauty, he doesn't deserve this pain none of them do. Xxx

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