Listography: Top 5 Bucket List

Oh that Kate is a twisted one. This week she has offered us a choice of topics, however both are to do with funerals!

This week's Listography theme is '5 Things I Hope People Say About Me At My Funeral'.

Oh my word, what are you supposed to do with that? For someone who lacks self-esteem and as I can't imagine more than seven people at my funeral, I'm going to go with her other option:

If you don't like that one you can write your Top 5 Bucket List , i.e. – things to do before you kick the bucket.

Now that one is much better.

  1. Cruise on the River Nile: Think Agatha Christie but without the murder! I am desperate to do this, visit Abu Simbel, Giza and Luxor.
  2. Enjoy retirement: Personally, I'd like this to start tomorrow but there's the debts, mortgage and pay into the pension fund in order to have the financial security to enjoy retirement.
  3. Win the lottery: Now that would enable the other two things to happen!
  4. Eat in a really expensive, exclusive restaurant: And not have the chef complain about having to cook a vegetarian meal. Not Gordon Ramsey's restaurant then!
  5. Have laughed every day of my long life with my beautiful family.

Short and, hopefully, sweet.

Now pop over to Kate's blog to check out the other entries. You can use that widget over there <—

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  1. says

    You forgot 'Build my self esteem so I think as much of myself as other people do'. You silly thing – don't you know you're wonderful? Oh and great bucket list – thanks!

  2. says

    good list, I think you should have a go at the other one as well….you would definitely have more than 7 at your funeral, think of all us Twitter friends, I for one would be there if there's cake……..there will be cake won't there??

  3. Mcai7td3 says

    Cruise sounds amazing. Any cruise would be fantastic I think! And I think there would be well over a 100 at your funeral!

  4. Jennie says

    Oh I did not see the bit about the bucket list, I will join in now! I love your list, especially number 5 x

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