ShowOff ShowCase: Favourite Photo-Post

ShowOff ShowCase has had an amazing response; over twenty link-ups in each of the three weeks that it initially ran. I had hoped and prayed for ten, knowing that would have been enough to know it wasn't a failure. I never dreamt of that many and am so grateful for each. What was even more fantastic was the wide-range of posts linked; recipes, funnies, emotional tales, craft ideas, etc. I discovered new blogs and found it a really good read.

As I stated in the last SOSC, it was only ever intended to be a 3-week run, but last Thursday and Friday I had people asking me what the theme was for the forthcoming weekend! I tested the waters and discovered that people enjoyed linking up and, here's the important part, reading each others' blogs. The whole point of SOSC is to flaunt the posts that people might have missed.

And so to that end, I intend to run it fortnightly, alternating between a theme, and The One That Should Have Done Better.

Therefore, this week's theme is:


Favourite Photo-Post.



We all like to take part in The Gallery and Silent Sunday. Many of us are completing a 365 photo-journey, me included. This is your chance to ShowOff ShowCase a photo-post from your blog that is your personal favourite. No restrictions of theme or words; that would be infringing upon Tara's and Jay's domains. If you want to repost a Silent Sunday with an explanation about the photo you can; my only restriction is that you must have previously posted it.

I also ask that you add the button to the post using the html which hubby has lovingly created.

Pwese, tar?! (As The Boy would say)

I'll open the linky on Saturday morning, sometime between 8am and 9am.

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  1. Jennie says

    Great theme and a wonderful excuse to look back through old photos. Thank you. Glad that you have decided to continue with the linky, it is one of my faves x x

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