Competition: Jackson Reece wipes


I have recently been lucky enough to be sent a sample of the range of Jackson Reece wipes.


There are many reasons that I could tell you, to explain why Jackson Reece wipes are good:

  • They are a natural, healthier alternative. The "unique herbal formula soothes and protects against common skin irritations such as nappy rash and eczema and contains none of the harsh ingredients that can potentially damage delicate skin." Excellent news to us, we have very sensitive skin in this household.
  • They have been dermatologically tested.
  • They contain Certified Organic Aloe Vera (naturally hydrating, healing & cooling), Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil (naturally antibacterial), and Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil (soothing and calming). I believe quite strongly in the healing power of the natural and herbal alternatives. There's a reason that they've been used for hundreds of years.
  • The bio-degradable wipes are made from wood pulp which is a sustainable resource. They are also compostable and will degrade within 12 weeks in aerobic conditions. More importantly to me is that the packaging is more degradable than normal wipes packaging; not 500 years in a landfill site!
  • The wipes have not been tested on animals.
  • They are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

All of these are true and surely enough of a reason to start using these wipes. There are a few ranges out there at the moment which are suitable for sensitive skin or use natural products, this has got to be the best incorporating both factors.

Jackson Reece wipes have not just one USP, but several. If you've watched the vast array of entrepreneurial programmes out there (you can't have missed them!) then you will know that I am talking about the Unique Selling Point. What makes these wipes different to others?

Yes it's the unique herbal formula that I've already mentioned, and yes, it's the fact that they are carbon conscious. They have chosen to have their wipes manufactured in the United Kingdom in order to keep the carbon footprint low, and for me there are too many industries farming their production overseas, so it's good to see that they are providing employment at home.

However, the reason that I really like them is because they derive from the need for a real solution to a real child's problems. Jackon and Reece are two little boys, the sons of Janet and Colin, the founders of the company. Jackson is the elder son, and at 8 months old he developed horrendous eczema. The steroid cream was thinning his skin and lowering the tolerance of his immune system which made him ill. His parents explored the range of wipes to try and find alcohol-free, natural wipes and found none. After years of extensive research, they determinately designed the Jackson Reece wipes.

This is what makes me want to buy them and use them. Like Kirsty Henshaw of Worthenshaws 'fame', these are people who have worked hard to solve it in a safe and ethical manner whilst providing a solution for their own son's problem, and helping others along the way.

The other major factor is that actually, they are very good. Extremely soft and smooth without a gritty feel to them (unlike some supermarket brands), they are also thick and plush. We've all had occasions when we needed a thicker than normal wipe and have been let-down in a rather grim manner, Jackson Reece wipes have been successful! Yay, no more icky fingers! I've also been sneakily using them (shhh, don't tell The Boy) as facial wipes and they've left my own skin feeling smooth, soft and clean.

Jackson Reece wipes are the Rolls Royce of baby wipes; soft, strong, plush, and very attractive.

Available in John Lewis, a wealth of online shops, and larger Tesco stores (as part of the Baby Event until 12th April they are on offer: £2.49 for 2 packs).

However, three lucky readers could win a pack of the unscented wipes (72 wipes in a pack).

In order to enter, please do the following:

Follow Jackson Reece on twitter and tweet the following message:

"I want to win @JacksonReece wipes with @TheBoyandMe"

Then tell me that you've done it in the comments box below.

Competition closes Saturday 16th April 2011 at 8pm. Open to UK entrants only. The three winners must respond by Monday 18th Apil 2011 or I will redraw.

The winners are:

And they are:

– Emma Cella

– Rhonda

– Elaine Livingstone.

Congratulations you three.

Everyone else, please keep entering.

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  1. says

    I've got some of these wipes & I was surprised how much I like them, thinking of selling them in my shop but would find it hard to compete against Tesco.

    Anyway, already following JR & have tweeted

  2. Nicola Seary says

    Hi,Followed and tweeted.Gonna try and track these down,I have 5 children,3 under 4 and they have sensitive skin and a couple have Eczema.

  3. @Simply_Hayley says

    Tweeting 😀
    I'm trying to remember if these are the wipes I used a while ago for J or not… if not then I'm excited as they sound just as lush!

  4. says

    I have never seen these wipes before, wish they were available when LittleMiss was a baby, she suffers with Excema.
    Have followed and tweeted! x

  5. says

    Have followed and tweeted. There are some great and inspiring shots on your gallery.

    I boughts my to put something similar up but my wife is a little paranoid about the photos so that project was sidelined. This is a great example though.

    John (@compsontwit)

  6. Amelia Royle says

    Followed and tweeted 🙂

    I love these wipes, but do find them difficult to get hold of, so fingers crossed!

  7. Tracy Nixon says

    Have tweeted ,,, @TracyNixon (sorry, might have tweeted twice though as I didn't think I had done it right first time!)

    Thanks for the great giveaway – you time and generosity is appreciated xxx

  8. sarah allcoat says

    This is a must time of year for baby wipes what with camping and festivals and sticky fingers, and lollies and wasps.

    I have tweeted and am already following


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