ShowOff ShowCase: Favourite Post About Being a Parent

This weekend sees the return of that annual celebration of being a mum. We're entitled to one day a year where it's all about us, and so we shall be jolly well making the most of it! We're hoping to head west and enjoy the sites, smells and sounds of Swansea; a visit to Plantasia and a play on Mumbles beach.

In honour of that celebration, this weekend's ShowOff ShowCase theme is:

Favourite Post About Being a Parent

It could be a post that you wrote when you first became a parent where you either poured out all the love and devotion you felt for your first-born, or it might be a cry for help after a really bad night of sleeplessness due to the demon teeth. Maybe it was a moment when you were really proud of your child/children for an achievement, or possibly the first time you realised that you were all grown-up and had created another life. Either way, this is your favourite post, it’s not statistics driven this time, it’s not comments related: this is your choice.

Go on ShowOff about being a mum (or dad!).

(If it helps, I've had difficulty choosing one, it transpires that I have a tendency to beat myself, and my parenting skills, up in my posts.)

ShowOff ShowCase


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  1. says

    Wow the standard of these linkys is very high. Read 4 of them so far and really enjoyed.
    Thanks for your lovely comment btw.
    I want to read more of them but it's 23:18 and after a hard week I want to go to bed.
    Liska x

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