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Welcome to my first ever linky!

I've asked you to link up to your most (statistically) popular post (not competition or review) so that we can all enjoy those little gems all over again. When I checked my own statistics, I wasn't surprised that my topĀ  two posts were competitions (I have had some gems recently: Lucy's Locket Birth Canvas and Personalised Twitter Mug competitions).

My most popular post was my rantings about the delusional pre-conceptions of being pregnant. I didn't realise when I wrote it how I seem to have completely hit the nail on the head for several women! The views on that post went skyhigh that day; triple the amount that I'd had for another post and it saw an increase in followers and blog subscribers, with some amazing comments of support and agreement from so many readers.

I am therefore choosing to link up to: Things They Don't Tell You When You're Pregnant!

I've added it to the linky below and hope you'll add your own too. Go on: celebrate your finest hour! If you'd like to add the button to your post, the code is in the box and then you can point people back here to enjoy little pearls of wisdom.

ShowOff ShowCase


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  1. says

    Hi, my top post was Silent Sunday and my 2nd was the Gallery (with a bump picture) so I used my third, the title of which sounds like a review but it isn't really. Silent Sunday only started featuring in my top 10 statistical posts, when I started posting my linking at 8.30 a.m. instead of in the afternoon, and this was simply because me and Aaron now get up earlier (in Winter we were getting up at 10)…. The trouble with me, is my top posts aren't a surprise as my 10 top posts are featured in my sidebar, so it'll be exciting for me when you have a new theme next week.

    I am really looking forward to other people's entries.

    Thanks for hosting this – it is a great idea.

    Liska x

  2. says

    This is a fantatstic idea! Is there a way that if you ever beat your own top ranking post you can update it? That would be good, because then it could be constantly changing!. Have added your button too! x

  3. says

    My top post that wasn't a giveaway was one from not long after I started blogging. Most of the views were down to the comments rather than what I've written I think – Some guy got the wrong end of the stick and a rather amusing 'discussion' ensued…

  4. Scribbling Mum says

    Good idea lady! It took me ages to work out what my most popular post was, I'm rubbish at all that stats stuff šŸ˜‰

  5. Mumonamission says

    All done, well done you. I really must sort out a linky for my bad mummy club. Is it hard to do? xx

  6. says

    I've submitted my most read post, which coincidentally details one of the most misguided, timewasting things I've ever done.

    I whittled a carrot into the shape if a tv remote in the hope that my toddler would eat it. Yes, I am that stupid. šŸ˜‰

  7. Him Up North says

    My post has received most hits by virtue of it being highly featured in Google Images searches. Most of those have been for pics of Nigella Lawson. I aim to please… šŸ™‚

  8. TheBoyAndMe says

    Thank you so much to everyone for joining up on my first ever linky! I'm quite humbled by it, you are lovely. I'm going to get to read everyone's posts within the next day or so hopefully.

    Thanks again.


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