The brief that was delivered to my inbox on Friday evening informed us that Tara has a mild obsession with a certain element of nature:

Anyway, to indulge me and my obsession, this week's theme is: Trees.

Simple as that. Trees near your home, from a holiday, new trees, ancient trees. Trees you used to climb as a child, trees you picnic under. Trees.

My first thought was of a very special tree to me, and to The Boy.

[nggallery id=7]

His room is quite small and therefore needed something special doing to it. I had always wanted a room for my child that would be a place that was individual. Somewhere to spark their imagination and provide them with play opportunities. Somewhere to send them off on that soft white cloud to the land of nod with pleasant dreams.

We decorated his room on the Easter Bank Holiday 2009 and each single leaf that I painted was detailed with overwhelming love and attention for my unborn child.

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  1. says

    Wow that is amazing! I'm generally quite artistic and have often thought about doing something on that scale in our Children's rooms but then I fear I'll mess it up so I don't even start. Well done, it's beautiful x

  2. Him Up North says

    Wow, how brilliant is that? So good.

    PS how do you get an email from Tara's blog? I can't find a subscription box anywhere!

  3. says

    Wow that is beautiful. Well done you. Very creative.
    I'd noticed his bedroom walls on other photos and thought they look amazing.

    Charles' room is "under water themed" and we have blue walls, darker than The Boys but were meant to be paler, and I've painted fish, jellyfish and submarines on each of the walls. His room is a slight throw-back to the 90's (think Changing Rooms) but I love it.

  4. Jenny Paulin says

    What a stunning design and the fact you did it for especially for him with your love makes it so special and wonderful. You clever 'stick' you *ahem* xx

  5. says

    Wow that is stunning. I love trees and you captured it perfectly. So much better than the murals I painted. I went for tv characters, they got quickly dated after spending many many hours. x


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