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One of the things that intrigues me about blogging is that you can never predict how posts are going to be received by the readers. Hours spent slaving over what you deem to be the wittiest or most emotional post in the world can result in five readers and no comments. While those five readers are of course valued, what on Earth made it so boring that no-one else wanted to read?

Then, of course, there are the posts that are received so warmly, the little line on the site statistics chart explodes stellar-ward! While it might have caused a chuckle typing it up using a smartphone application in the middle of the night sat in an uncomfortable Ikea bucket chair, surely it wasn't that funny? (Bizarrely, some of my best received posts are typed in that sorry excuse for a chair!)

This all got me thinking about posts. Which are the most popular? Which died a death? Which shouldn't have been written? I want to know your posts, and so I bring you…

Starting this Saturday I would like you to link up to a specific post that falls into the category I select. This week it is:

The Most Popular Post

By this, I mean the most views for a single post.

So you have your homework and three days to find that little gem! Repost it on Saturday, use the code for the above button (that I'll provide on my own post) and then pop back and link up.

Go on, Show Off, you know you want to!

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  1. says

    Sadly my highest hit post are always my giveaways! I won't be linking those up, lol You have to smile when you get over 1000 hits in a day because you are giving away a Β£20 item!!!

    Mich x

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