Movie Meme: The Director's Cut

Well Hannah has completely gone and thrown me this week. After spending the past few days on twitter discussing one idea for this week's theme, she's gone and chosen another!

This week’s theme is Directors

Who is your favourite director? What film(s) are the reason why you love this director so much?

Um… pass?

I can't think of any? Hmmm… The problem is that whilst I really enjoy watching films and love the cinematography and storylines, I don't think I'm able to turn around and identify one single director as my favourite. I'm too 'middle of the road'. However, after much deliberation I have managed to choose one that has directed a couple of films that I adore.

Guess Who:

  • His real name is Mark Anthony (+surname)
  • His parents competed in ballroom competitions
  • He worked on the family gas station and farm
  • In 2004 he directed the world's most expensive advertisement for Chanel No 5, costing £18 million for 4 minutes
  • He was born in Australia
  • He directed the "Red Curtain Trilogy" (two of which are the aforementioned favourite films, the third only because I've not seen it)
  • In 1998 he released a brilliant single called "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)"

And if you haven't guessed it yet, my director of choice is:

Baz Luhrmann

I adore this film, completely and utterly! Everything about it makes me chuckle and I cannot break off for a drink or to use the necessary facilities. Probably just as well that I don't have a drink then!

The underlying humour and good-natured mocking at the ballroom dancing world is genius. I know a few people in the ballroom circuit who weren't happy with the portrayal of the fake-tan and sequins brigade at the time, but it is clearly not meant maliciously, especially bearing in mind his parents competed themselves.

Think Dirty Dancing come Ugly Duckling with a little of Come Dancing thrown in and you're there.

My other example of his work is probably the only film that I can stand to watch Nicole Kidman in, and that's only because of Ewan McGregor's brilliant singing and acting in it! They are completely indicative of Luhrmann's ingenuity and brilliance. McGregor is dashing and suave, and what a fantastic singer. To this day, his version of 'Your Song' is my favourite.

The ensemble cast gels together really well, and the villian of Richard Roxburgh is alarmingly creepy. Jim Broadbent is such a surprise casting but really clever, and John Leguizamo as Toulouse-Lautrec is hilarious! Don't forget little old Kylie as the Absinthe fairy!

I love the flamboyance of these two films: the lights; the camera; the deep, rich, overtly exuberant colours. I haven't seen much of his other work, mainly because he keeps employing simpering females that I can't stand, to act in the lead roles.

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  1. says

    OH MY GOD my husband knows ALL the words to that:
    "“Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)“
    loves it!

    Liska x
    And he does the accent etc… too…

  2. Hannah says

    hehe, I recognise the single!

    Haven't actually seen either of the films though… Think I need a good dose of Ewan…

    *runs off to watch Moulin Rouge*

    Thanks for linking up 🙂 x

  3. says

    BAZ BAZ BAZ BAZ BAZ, I was sooooooooooo nearly going to choose him. i had actually written a whole blog about how much I loved him. Actually sounded a lot like yours however Tim just pipped the post, however in your honor Moulin Rouge has just been placed into the dvd player and I will watch for us.

  4. Jennie says

    I am having the same trouble with not really knowing any directors. But I love your choice of films!! Make me wish I could dance, which I can't, not a step!

  5. says

    I have to say I didn't 'get' Moulin Rouge the first time – Think I was looking too deeply but love it now and Ewan singing is like watching Pierce Brosnan sing in Mama Mia – strange but cute x

  6. says

    Awwww, Moulin Rouge. Top moment was definitely Kylie as the Absynthe Fairy.

    Don't think I've seen any of his others though. Aside from the few faves I mentioned on my post I don't tend to notice the directors either. I often find that's a male preoccupation, although that's probably being sexist and I do seem to be having a say the wrong thing day today 🙂 x

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