Listography – Top 5 Children's Books

The Listography guru that is KateTakes5 has set a topical theme this week. With World Book Day and the library closures in the news, we are to identify our top five children's books.

The Boy adores books almost as much as his daddy and I do, so this shouldn't be difficult to create a list of five books. Actually it's more difficult to only list five! However, here we go:

  • 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell.

This is a firm favourite for bed times in our house and The Boy likes to 'read' it along with us, finishing off the lines from each page. We have the version that has flaps hiding the animals underneath.

  • 'I Love You Through and Through' by Bernadette Rosetti-Shustack

As I explained in my post the other day, this is probably the favourite bedtime book at the moment. It's either 'zoo', 'through' or one of the next ones on the list that is requested. It is such a loving and caring book to send a child to bed with warm and loving thoughts. I can not recommend it enough!

  • 'My Mum/Dad' by Anthony Browne

I The Boy bought 'My Dad' for hubby daddy last year for Fathers' Day and they both adored it immensely. I felt ridiculously jealous, so hubby had to go and buy me the mummy version! It is a brilliant book of why children love their mums and dads, including the fact that daddy 'isn't afraid of anyone, not even the big, bad wolf' (but he's petrified of spiders though!). I am depicted as Marilyn Monroe and I can live with that! The illustrations are as funny and clever as the book.

  • 'The Jolly Postman' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

There should be an Ahlberg classic in everyone's list; they are such brilliant books that children love and parents find amusing. This book is a little too old for The Boy at the moment, but he already has the full set of the Jolly Postman books from when I trained to be a nursery teacher. He will enjoy fishing out the letters, presents and games because I do! In all seriousness, the way that there are mini-books and games within the main book is brilliant. Beautiful illustrations as well.

  • 'Tom's Midnight Garden' by Philippa Pearce

My all-time favourite children's novel. I adore it and probably still read it once every year or so. I always read it to my class (older juniors) and show them the DVD to help their understanding of some of the more complicated concepts. I think it is a fantastic piece of writing with humour, tenderness and mystery in it. LOVE this book!

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    Great selection. dear Zoo is one of B's favourite books and has been since he was pretty much a few months old. The Jolly Postman is a very clever book inn the way it has been designed with the individual letters, postcards etc…
    Hmmm I think I may have to participate in this listography myself πŸ™‚

  2. says

    I love 'Dear Zoo' & the 'Jolly Postman'. K'boo still reads the latter (at 4). We love books (a lot) – if I was to list my faves, people would have fallen asleep before they go to comment – too many!

  3. Jennie says

    Great selection of books, some of our favourites there too. So many good good books to choose from. I am going to struggle with my list x


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