Top Five Favourite Films

I love films. Always have done. Memories of rainy Sunday afternoons watching black and white classics on our old wood-effect Bush television have pervaded my memory while contemplating this topic. You know the ones, they star a dashing gentleman in a dapper suit, possibly with a very neat moustache, probably clean-shaven with perfect bryl-creemed hair. Think David Niven, Clark Gable or Dirk Bogarde (yes him, not Humphrey Bogart, I know who I mean). Their leading ladies wearing simple silk gowns, possibly a wrap-around design with shoulder-pads to die for, or maybe a flared waistline and a sweetheart neckline, with luxuriously wavy Rita Hayworth hair. Or of course, my favourite leading lady of all time: Miss. Hepburn, Audrey not Katharine please.

As you can see, my taste in films is diverse. I debated doing a post with two Top Five's; one classic and one modern. However, I decided that might be pushing the boundaries a little so I have gone with modern favourites. Although interestingly, none of my chosen films are from the noughties. There are plenty that I like, but maybe they haven't been repeated enough on BBC and ITV for me to recognise them as favourites yet.

So here we go:

1) Footloose

It's classic and I love it. I can picture every single second of the film in glorious '80s technicolour. From the amazing dance/acrobatic routine in the warehouse, full of teenage angst, to the thought-provoking debate in the council meeting where Ren dares to challenge the town to change its no-music rule ably assisted by a fabulous and under-stated Dianne Wiest. I chuckle every time I see him try and teach Willard how to dance, and at the finale, my feet and hear cannot keep still. Love it!

2) Grosse Point Blank

The vast majority of John Cusack films are brilliant. I won't mention that daft 'Being John Malkovich' one. Some he's kinda sold-out on, everyone has to pay the mortgage, but GPB is classic Mr. Cusack. I debated High Fidelity, but prefer this one. It's funny, romantic, clever, stupid and, quite frankly, kick-arse. I can even tolerate the Driver woman in it.

3) Demolition Man

I do love a good Sandra Bullock film, but this is not what I like this one. Sylvester Stallone is actually really good in it, not at all wooden. It's my type of action film: funny baddies who aren't too gruesome with a strong-willed heroine. The writing is hilarious, and I think the bit I like the best is the references to the future. Taco-bell, toilet paper (!) and Arnie's political career. I bet they didn't predict that one coming true!

4) The Fifth Element

Bruce Willis' best film in my opinion. Milla Jovovich is brilliant in it; her portrayal of Lee-Loo's innocence and discovery of human-life is so endearing. The scene where she wipes the floor clean with those aliens, intermingled with aria is fantastic cinematography. Gary Oldman is just the right type of evil. "Moolti-pass"!

5) The Breakfast Club

As far as I am concerned this is my favourite Brat-pack film because it doesn't have the predictable members in it. The story of five teenagers in detention on a Saturday morning is so relatable (not that I ever had a detention, I was a good girl). All different, yet all the same underneath; the cool guy (phwoargh by the way), the geek, the jock, the pretty girl and the emo. A voyage of discovery and clubbing together to overcome the evil teacher who enjoys ridiculing them each in turn. Ally Sheedy is genius in this film.

(Hubby is going to kick himself because he's only been able to predict two of these five!)

However, because it's my blog and I can do this, I would also like to add the following film as a favourite, thereby making this my Top Six:

6) My Fair Lady

"I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night, and still come back for more!" "Move, your blooming arse!" "Without you twirling it the Earth can spin…" I love the bickering, the retorts, Eliza's development and the way she brings the Professor down to reality with a bump. Cecil Beaton's costumes are amazing, the original black and white ball. Right, where's my DVD of it?

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  1. says

    How dare you diss Being John Malkovich!! I love that movie! The Breakfast Club could have made my top 5 had I not watched it after 1990. It is so dated and that Emilio Estivez (?) dance thing after getting stoned is too ridiculous to overlook.
    Sorry. Have I been rude about your list?

  2. Jennie says

    My Fair Lady is an absolute classic. I sing I could have danced all night with Esther and William whilst waltzing round the living room! Very sad I know and it is almost always followed by a sing through of The King and I and The Sound of Music! I love musicals!

  3. Mammy woo says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE gross point blanke.
    I also love love love footloose, but oh my – i nearly cried when i read my fair lady. Its funny because i was only thinking about this film the other day. My mother and i dont have a great relationship. There is too much guilt and god knows what but these days we barely speak. things were a little better after addy was born but not for long. The upshot is i feel i have missed out on having a mother, i never ever ever had a mummy. (i grew up in spain with my dad, she was here.)
    This film however reminds me of the one memory i cherish with my mum when i, could have only have been about 5. We watched it and danced and repeated the sayings. I love that moment. That was the moment in my mind, she was my mummy. That and beaches.
    Another lovely post.
    i really must get around to watching the breakfast club!

  4. says

    Kate I take exception to you dissing Estevez' stoned dance routine. I heart Estevez. Having not re-watched I am standing by my love of this film please don't shatter my memories

  5. says

    Having declared my hatred for musicals on Twitter this evening I'd completely forgotten about My Fair Lady. Mover yer bloomin' arse! is one of my fave film quotes.

    Good list, though I say you can't beat Bruce Willis in the Die Hard films. HAve to confess to my shame that I've never seen the Breakfast Club.

  6. Mcai7td3 says

    I used to watch Demolition man in a daily basis at one point because I loved it so much. Wesley Snipes is great as a baddie, don't know why he doesn't do it more often!

    I've never seen my fair lady so thats one I will have to put on my list to watch! (I've heard they're doing a remake with Keira "poutly" knightley)

    Tas / mcai7td3


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