Movie Meme: Favourite Actor

Last week I became very excited by MetalMummy's theme until I realised that it wasn't our favourite actor that she wanted us to write about, but more specifically Leonardo di Caprio. I can't really stand his films, with the exception of Shutter Island, so didn't take part. This week, she's been rather lovely and set a theme which allows me to swoon over the marvellous acting talents of:

John Cusack

I remember first seeing him act in the film Stand By Me and was intrigued then. In that film, it's actually River Phoenix that stands out, but Cusack was an interesting choice as Wil Wheaton's older and much-adored brother.

Hubby introduced me to the wonders of one of my favourite films of all time: Grosse Point Blank. To me, thisΒ  film epitomises John Cusack. Clever, witty, suave, a bit of action, a bit of romance, a funny leading lady that compliments his kookiness. The plot involves him playing a highly-trained assassin who returns to his high-school, and the girlfriend that he stranded at the prom, for a reunion. It's hysterical and also stars Dan Ackroyd, Minnie Driver and Hank Azaria.

The other classic has got to be High Fidelity featuring the Top 5 (insert random idea here). Inspired acting from the cast, and also features Jack Black at his acting best too. We watched 2012 about a month ago and I can't shake that from my head either, always a sign of a good film.

May I also recommend:

  • ConAir
  • Pushing Tin
  • Runaway Jury
  • American's Sweethearts (borderline sold-out, but still funny. Don't touch Must Love Dogs with a barge-pole)

Oh and he's also quite dishy!

Now pop over and check out the other entries in this week's MetalMummy's MovieMeme

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    I loved him in Grosse Point Blank and The Sure Thing! But I feel he sold out starring in 2012 (sorry but it was an awful ott film!) . That aside he is a great choice x

  2. says

    I admit that I gave it a miss last week too as I can't see the appeal of Leo either. Not a mahoosive fan of John Cusack but that's what's great about this meme – so much choice! πŸ˜€

  3. Tempest says

    This is why I love #MMMM, I opened up your link and saw th pic of John Cusack and immediately thought 'nah I don't get him' ….. Then I read your post and remembered him in Hi-Fidelity and prob my fave of his – Runaway Jury, which he is very very good in….. Isn't it great that we can like totally different things but still learn so much from others' likes πŸ™‚ Ty! πŸ™‚

  4. Hannah says

    Glad you managed to write about Mr Cusack. Definitely worth a mention, he's fab!

    Have you seen Identity? I enjoyed that film.

    And Being John Malkovich. But then I love John Malkovich too.



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