'Something Beginning with Blue' by Nick Sharratt & Sally Symes

The Boy loves books. I was slightly worried when he reached his first birthday; I thought that he would never progress from eating them onto actually 'reading' them. I will even admit to not leaving them out for free choice, because in this house books are sacred and it distressed me too much to see the spine being chewed!

However, in the past six months he has become obsessed with them! Some days are toy days and others are book days, when all he will want to do all day long is 'read' every book that he owns. It always amazes me how much children learn from books, even at this tender age; he's never seen a tiger but he knows what one looks like. We're working on colours and shapes at the moment, so when the lovely people at Walker Picture Books sent me this book to review it was more than appropriate.

'Something Beginning with Blue' is a delightful and beautifully illustrated book based on all the different colours of the rainbow. It takes the 'I spy' theme and transfers it to the colours of an object; e.g. 'I spy with my little eye, something beginning with… blue!'. It then lists a couple of things that it isn't and gives factual clues as to what it might be. On the opposite page to the text is a picture of a child with peep-holes for the eyes. When you look through, you can get a growing picture of what the item might be.

The Boy loves 'reading' this book. He examined the spy-holes and insisted on looking through them all, a great game of peek-a-boo! He pointed out the objects on the page, and has learnt some new colours from the book too; brown and green to name the present ones. And because he is slightly older now, he has a better awareness of how to handle the paper pages. It's not a book that I leave out for him to browse by himself at the moment, because he is a little clumsy with paper at the moment, and well quite frankly he likes to rip it if allowed. Therefore it's a special book that we look at together.

An excellent book for teaching children some of the secondary colours in a fun and different way. Good choice Walker  Picture Books!

The lovely people at Walker Picture Books sent me this book to read with The Boy. I was not given any other reward and my reviews are, as always, honest.

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  1. Jennie says

    What a great book! We are avid readers in this house too. All of us! Esther and William love Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear so much that I know the text off by heart and they wriggle with excitement whenever I recite it. It is great for car journeys and nappy changes. We also love Hairy Maclary books, they love the rhyming text and because I am quite the dramatist when I read they respond brilliantly. I am going to start writing book reviews on my blog too as we read so much x x

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