Tara set us a lovely challenge this week, a real heart-warming theme especially for Valentine's Day: "This week's theme is: Togetherness. You, your children, your other half, your siblings, friends, lovers, Romans."

It's a fabulous theme and thought-provoking for a new family. This is our second Valentine's Day with The Boy in our lives, but probably the first time that I've analysed how our relationship has changed since he arrived. We are shattered. We never seem to have time for ourselves, evenings are spent washing bottles, tidying up, ironing, paperwork, cleaning; all the things that you can't do when you've got a curious toddler around. We have to make an effort to remember to talk to each other. We can't do impulsive things anymore like going out for dinner at the drop of a hat, or popping out to the cinema because there's nothing on television.

And yet, we have never felt more complete. The Boy is amazing and astounds us daily with the way he enhances our lives. We cannot remember a time when he wasn't in our lives, it certainly must have been more boring and superficial!

Valentine's Day is a time for couples to show how much they love each other, but then we only have to look at our son to quantify it. The Boy is the ultimate symbol of our love.

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    That photo is beautiful, as is the words and sentiment in your post. Well done as I still don't know what to do yet! Xx

  2. says

    That's a lovely picture – you should frame that! Life is certainly different when you have children (mine almost 12 and 4 – and a stepson of almost 11). It's fashionable to take your kids out to dinner these days (a public display of togetherness) but blissful to get a babysitter every now and then and spend some time as just the two of you – but I bet you my latest supply of chocolate that you talk about the kids when you do, lol

  3. kathleen (mummywalker) says

    Lovely picture! We have a similar sand picture. The words perfectly match the picture. What better symbol of the love between two people? Beautiful x

  4. says


    What a beautiful post and beautiful photo.

    Our little boy completes our lives too, so much so that my hubby wouldn't even let me get a baby-sitter so we could enjoy Valentine's Day evening. He said it is our first one with Aaron and let's enjoy it as a family and we did.

    Liska x

  5. says

    Aw, lovely post! We have one of those sand pictures too! We wrote our names as big as we could and then climbed back up the cliff to look down on them…we took up quite a bit of beach!
    And, yes, you should frame it!

  6. says

    That's beautiful and a fab photo. It's true little ones change the course of a relationship but they add so much more too. Here's to many more happy Valentines days

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