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One of The Boy's current favourite toys is a wooden fire engine he received from hubby's parents for Christmas. When he was little, I used to demand that his toys were not bright plastic with flashing noises and lights. I wanted him to have quality wooden or material toys. Easier said than done: a) it's difficult to find quality, attractive and interesting wooden toys; and b) actually they're quite pricey!

So I completely understand how easy it is to fall into the plastic trap; batteries are good, lights and sounds make The Boy happy! Happy Boy = Happy Mummy! I do try and limit the environmental (and financial) impact of all these toys by buying them from my local baby and toddler group Nearly New Sales. Luckily, we normally comes up trumps and I can spend £15 and come home with over £100's worth of toys. Money for mummies, new toys for the Boy, good for the environment.

I've digressed haven't I? How unusual for me…

We are fortunate that hubby's parents always manage to produce the goods when it comes to finding really good quality wooden toys for their grandson. They have an independent toy store locally whose stock they are working their way through. I'd love to plug them, but I've forgotten their name. Bless them, they bought him a fabric Noah's Ark which was really adaptable, but he's never been that interested in squishy toys. However, the latest addition to his toyshop collection is this:

It's called an I'm Toy Fire Engine Work Bench and is fabulous. If we're going to someone's house for a visit (e.g. my parents' or sister's) it's the toy we take with us. There are so many 'bits' to it that it can keep him amused for ages. And it's going to last him for a good while yet because while he thinks the nuts and bolts are fab, he can't co-ordinate them at the moment. He gets the idea of how to use the screwdriver and spanner but he just points them at the nuts and bolts and thinks that makes them work. The hammer is extremely popular! Any hammer is extremely popular, which is why we're not showing him where we keep the key to the shed! He's completely got the idea of sorting the shapes through the holes and inserting the pegs into the holes.

Look at the concentration!

It is an excellent 'Boy's Toy' and if you've got a baby boy, I thoroughly recommend getting it. I've got to say that the range of toys available from I'm Toy are fantastic, quality toys that last. You can find a comprehensive range of I'm Toy erm, toys available through @Toyjeanius. What's pretty fab about her toy-shop is that she's a mum to 3 children who had so much fun playing with her children's toys that she decided to open up her own shop! How cool is that? Her rather gorgeous shop can be found here.

I have a special discount code for ToyJeanius which gives you 10% off your purchases! Simply type in TheBoyandMe at the checkout.

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    The OH and I were adamant that B was only ever going to have wooden toys but like you said it's hard to find them, and the brightly coloured noisy ones make him happy!
    Tha fire engine looks fab though – the boy is really concentrating isn't he? Sweet 🙂
    I will check out the website xx


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