Review – Pally Pirate Noah

I recently wrote about one of The Boy's favourite toys; the I'm Toy Fire Engine Workbench. When Jean from @ToyJeanius read my review, she offered to send me a similar toy that she thought The Boy might like to play with and review. I was only too happy to accept her offer as I am a big fan of the I'm Toy range, many of which Toyjeanius stock.

From the very first moment that you hold an I'm Toy box in your hands, it is obvious that this is special; a quality toy, possibly even an heirloom. The packaging is extremely attractive; corrugated natural cardboard with a full-colour sleeve illustrating the product and the different ways it can be played with.

The Boy was as eager as I was to 'ope(n)' up the Pally Pirate Noah, and he had great fun pulling out all the different parts and figuring out how they fitted together. Here's what's brilliant about the Pally Pirate Noah; there are so many different parts to the toy which can be used in different ways. Mount the ship onto the pull-along base, insert the masts and sails and you have a pirate ship. Remove the sails, wheel, cannon and treasure chest, add the house, roof and animal pegs, swap over the red pirate for the green Noah and you have an ark instead!

Or you could do what we did; take the ship off the base and assemble the pirate ship. Then flip the base over to insert the animal pegs and Noah. Then, we had a battle at sea between Noah and the pirate. Noah won, what with having God on his side, but the pirate put up a good show.

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The Pally Pirate Noah is advertised as suitable for 24 months and up, however The Boy is 20 months old and actually got a great deal from it. Admittedly he may not have been able to play with it as imaginatively as an older child, but that's part of the appeal; I know he will enjoy it in different ways with each new stage of play development. He is outgrowing so many toys that are supposed to be suitable for up to 3 years old purely because they don't do enough, therefore they don't stimulate him. I'm very happy that this toy will last him for a good few years. The pirate ship/ark is great fun and he loves the treasure chest into which he always pops the pirate. Oh, and well, um he may used the masts as drumsticks, but then he's developing his creativity.

Another winning toy from I'm Toy and supplied by the lovely and traditional Toyjeanius!

Toyjeanius are offering a 10% discount using the code TSUK10! Have fun shopping!

Whilst provided with this toy for the purpose of the review, I was not given any other reward and my reviews are, as always, honest.

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Definitely. It's a fab toy, really special. The Boy saw the photos on the laptop earlier when I was reviewing it and he went off in search of it straightaway shouting "boat?"

  1. Jenny Paulin says

    Wow! That looks amazing. I love wooden toys. I can see why the boy would enjoy playing with it, think b would too 🙂 great review x


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