The Top 5 Tips On Preparing For Your First Baby

It’s always a very exciting yet nerve racking time when you’re expecting your first baby. Not only are you preparing mentally for a new little member in your life but ensuring you are fully equipped with the necessities can be a task in itself. In order to feel organised and prepared to welcome your new born into the world, check out some of Kiddies Kingdom’s top tips on how you can get ready for your little one’s arrival.

Get the Nursery Ready

Decorating the nursery can be lots of fun and a great way for you to be imaginative as you create the perfect room for your new little member. By having it ready in preparation for your baby’s arrival it will leave you with one less thing to think about. Essentially your baby doesn’t need a nursery as long as you have a cot and additional furniture that may prove useful such as a changing table and storage units, and wardrobes or drawers to keep the baby’s clothes and nappies in for example. This will leave you in a great position for when you come home from hospital and can spend quality time with your baby than having to think about working on the nursery.

Get The Basics

It may be obvious, but getting the basics such as a pushchair, cot, car seat, clothing, nappies and even things for the mother such as nursing bras and breast pads, will all contribute towards being a huge help and you’ll find yourself thanking your past self. The last thing you want to be doing is running to the shops when you have your hands full with a newborn.

Researching different brands such as Britax and Joie car seats from Kiddies Kingdom will help you determine which one you prefer such as their style and practicalities.

Stock Up

You’ll be surprised how fast you can go through nappies, wipes and every other essential, so stocking up allows you a reasonable amount of time for when you get home with your newborn without having to get more. It may not come to mind but stocking up on food that has extensive sell by dates will also benefit you for when you first get home and are adapting to life with a baby, so you will always have food available for yourself.

Getting To The Hospital

You don’t know what the scenario could be when it comes to giving birth and if you’re planning on having your baby in a maternity unit then it may be worth noting different routes to get to the hospital and trialling them at different points of the day to ensure you don’t get caught out by traffic. Of course, if you’re planning to go by car, always make sure you’re topped up on fuel.

If a taxi is your chosen transport method, then having a contact number for a range of taxi firms within the area will be incredibly helpful when the time comes for the lift to the hospital.

Accept Help

Accepting help whenever you can, will benefit you in more ways than one and having a baby is by no means easy. You will find yourself being tired and with your baby being your primary focus, you may find that other things in your life may start to slip, such as the upkeep of your home or even the washing. Accepting help from friends and family will allow you the time to rest and not outdo yourself before your baby arrives.

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