Club Petz: Charlie Funny Talkie (Review)

I've always liked the idea of having pets, however as I'm disinclined to clean up after dogs following a walk, don't like cats, can't find a tortoise for love nor money, and we've got too many magpies and foxes around our area for guinea pigs or rabbits, we're currently limited to two easy to look after goldfish. Peppa (Pig) and Freddy (Fox) swim quite contentedly around their tank, are fed daily, cleaned out every few weeks and are quite sociable enough. Considering they can't talk.

However, when we were offered the chance to review a Club Petz toy, I was quite eager to explore this world of 'electronic pets'; low maintenance and can be switched off at night or during a holiday!

And so we welcomed Charlie Funny Talkie to our home.


Charlie Funny Talkie is an electronic parrot who comes in his home of a white cage, but can be removed and cuddled like a conventional cuddly toy, or worn on a child's arm as there is an elastic strap on the base which enables him to 'sit' and be talked to.


There is an on and off switch on the bottom of the toy (which takes AAA batteries – included) and when the button on his tummy is pressed he squawks and laughs, followed by a beep which signifies the start of the recording time. When he detects the end of the speech to be recorded, he repeats the recording in a higher tone of voice twice, moving his mouth and squawking with laughter again at the end.

The Boy thinks it's hysterical!

Granted a battery-operated parrot isn't as sociable as a dog, but Charlie Funny Talkie does amuse The Boy greatly, and we have all chuckled at the silliness of a talking parrot. And of course, the off button is a great option once The Boy is in bed!

The Club Petz range is aimed at children aged 3 years+, although as I suspect that this is due to small parts, the ideal age is closer to 5 years old. The range includes Lola and Lucy (sister puppies), Max (who can be controlled to move, bark, pass wind and poo!), and laughing monkeys. I can definitely see these appealling to nearly all children, satisfying the pet craving in a non-messy way!

Charlie Funny Talkie is available to buy online from Amazon and in store at Argos and Toys R Us with a RRP of £19.99.

We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, our opinion is honest and unbiased.

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