Days 143 – 156 of Project 366

Days 143 - 149 of Project 366

143: I am so proud of my husband! He took part in Velothon Wales 2016 and cycled 140km around south Wales raising over £300 for Cancer Research UK. I'm so proud of him for finishing the ride, and even more so for doing it in 5 hours and 35 minutes (but 5 minutes of those were for a quick comfort break after 66 miles!). So proud of him!

144: The Boy came home with a headteacher's award for writing a wonderful calligram! Clever boy!

145: I managed to leave school early (4.45pm) and took The Boy up to the clifftop park for a run-around; we both needed the fresh sea air!

146: OH MY GOD! Craziest schooltrip ever! We took the whole of Year Three and Year Four to London to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Left at 9.30, arrived at 2.27 for a 2.30 performance (they actually delayed the performance in the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane for 4 minutes until we were all seated!!), left at 5.30 and arrived home at 10.30pm! A total of 3 children out of 155 fell asleep; they were hyper! And not one child was off the next day! This is the granny square that I crocheted on the coach journey there and back.

147: Last minute rushing to make The Boy's birthday party invitations for his strawberry-picking party. Thank God for a Cricut! Yes, I could have bought them from the supermarket but, well it's me!

148: Mum's 71st birthday and we took her out to the cinema to see The Jungle Book (awesome film!), and then afterwards for a birthday meal. Mum hates Pizza Express, despite my sister's plea, and so we booked into a proper Italian restaurant where they had fantastic singers serenading and ramping up the atmosphere throughout the meal. Mum couldn't stop joining in with the singing, and The Boy was captivated by the pretty lady singer.

149: Wahay! Finally, after what felt like the longest journey in the world, we made it down to Dorset for our holiday with mum, and settled down overlooking the harbour with a delicious and luxuriant coffee ice-cream. Dad had fallen the day before and couldn't drive due to a sore soldier, but insisted we go anyway and he'd join us on the Monday (he didn't!).

Days 150 - 156 of Project 366

150: First day on holiday in West Bay and we decided to go to Lyme Regis for a play on the sandy beach and a look around the shops. Problem is that we'd forgotten that it was Bank Holiday weekend and everyone else had thought that would be a good idea; apparently holiday-makers were heading to the beach at 7.30am! So you can guess that by 10.30am we had no chance. After my husband spent an hour driving around trying to find a non-existant parking space (while we went to a few shops), we got back in the car and went back to West Bay. There was barely anyone on the beach and we had a great time!

151: We didn't even try and go anywhere because we knew that the traffic would be chaotic; so we had a quiet day on the beach and what more does a little boy want on a holiday? It was roasting hot but glorious; I'm not good in the heat so have never felt the need to holiday abroad in a hot country in the Summer; a beach holiday in Spain or the like would be my idea of hell!

152: How on earth the three of us woke up with horrendous colds today I'll never know! Horrendous! We were good for nothing other than a bit of shopping and crashing out.

153: Our annual trip to Pecorama happened on the way home to Wales, delayed from yesterday. We absolutely adore it there, the miniature steam engines are so cute and The Boy takes it so seriously; I may get him a notebook for future teenage years spent on Newport train station!

154: A day out at the local nature reserve is just what was needed in order to relax from the journey the day before, and we met up with The Boy's cousins to explore. It was a beautiful day and they had great fun paddling in the shallows of the lake, climbing trees, building dens, having a picnic and feeding the swans. These are the things that childhood memories are made of!

155:A quiet day at home, watching tv and doing crochet. I made these squares using a colour-changing yarn months ago, and decided to edge them in dark grey to make each one stand out more and look 'finished' off.

156: We're still all bunged up and trying to recover from all the germs, but managed a stroll and a scoot down the beach. The little blighter actually brushed past me!!!

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    Oh wow, Charlie and The Chocolate Factor must have been amazing despite the long journey. Glad to hear you had a good time in Dorset and I adore that photo of the Millenium Centre in Cardiff

  2. says

    Well done Mr TBaM on his massive bike ride. Seeing the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory performance must have been amazing but what a crazy school trip! blimey! Well done to the boy or his head teachers sticker award.
    Your holiday photos are lovely – massively helped by the beautiful weather we had over half term. I always like seeing the cap! x

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