Days 129 – 135 of Project 366

Days 129 - 135 of Project 366

129: The most gorgeous summer's day! Yes it was baking hot but we had such fun in the garden; planting and revitalising the garden. My husband dug this flowerbed over for me and under my direction carefully planted my recent purchases, while The Boy helped me fill up my patio planters. Let's just hope the slugs don't get them!

130: My mum mocked me for buying this young adult reader book, however I did highlight to her that I was fed up of reading 'divorced/single woman in her 30s struggles to find true love in the idyllic country village/seaside town' books. I win this one.

131: I love summer food; minted and buttered Jersey royal potatoes, pasta salads, and light roulades make dinner so much more interesting and appealing!

132: "Mummy, my tummy really hurts and I feel so ill!" So of course I kept him home. And of course, he was bloody fine. Little tinker!

133: My husband was going to work from home today so he could take me to Spire for my xray check-up and appointment with a final review. However, I persuaded him to take it as a day's holiday which we were both really pleased about. The appointment went really well with me being discharged (radius completely healed, ulna hasn't but apparently it may not ever and that's ok!), and we followed up by popping to buy some plants before going out for lunch to a pub in the marina. I can't remember the last time we had a lunchtime meal together without The Boy! We then picked up our beach stuff and packed some picnic tea, before whisking The Boy away after the schoolrun to Barry Island for much fun and laughter. We returned home at 7.30pm, sandy and sunkissed!

134: I've had to include two photos for today, as there are two parts to the tale. My sister and I took mum out for her belated Mother's Day afternoon tea in the extremely posh restaurant on the beach front (in his previous restaurant, the chef had a Michelin star!). It was absolutely divine and so so filling! The first part was four finger sandwiches, a caramelised onion souffle and a goat's cheese and courgette cracker; all served very cutely in a small picnic hamper! It may not look much, but then there came the cakes! The top layer had a coconut foam mousse, a Victorian sandwich, a chocolate macaron and a treacle sponge, while the bottom contained a scone, Welsh cake and white chocolate eclair. There was also a bubblegum pannacotta which was absolutely divine! When can we go again?!

135: Seven weeks ago my wedding ring had to removed from my badly swollen hand after I broke my wrist. Mum had a terrible time trying to get it off, rubbing soap in and gently pulling on the ring while trying to keep my hand as still as possible, but I was determined it wouldn't be cut off. On Thursday, once I'd had the all clear from the surgeon, we took it into the jeweller's to be reseized and replated. Today my husband picked it up and put it back on my finger where it belongs. I have missed it!

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  1. says

    So glad to see your ring back where it belongs, I would hate to be without mine. Gorgeous photos, your flowerbed looks lovely and the beach shot is wonderful. And, that cream tea sounds divine!

  2. says

    I have missed the tongue of concentration. Love the beach shot with one of your blankets and it must be such a relief to put your wedding ring back on – glad you are on the mend xx

  3. says

    So pleased your wrist is better now and it must be great to have your wedding ring back. It sounds like you and your husband had a lovely day off together. My kids have been off school ill a lot lately, but they always want to be in school! It can be hard to know what to do for the best.

  4. says

    Good job on healing so well. And great to get your ring back. Took me ages after pregnancy and in the end have to have it resized, but you always feel empty without it.

    That food looks amazing. I'm with you, so much lighter and more interesting food in summer – or maybe it's just the warmer weather means it tastes better.

  5. says

    Love the flowerbed- I can never do gardening in the heat! love the sound of your sandy and sunkissed evening – good luck with the arm back at work x

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