Beach Memory Jars

Memories made at the beach last a lifetime.

As far as I'm concerned, this is completely true!

However, sometimes it helps to have a little something to aid the memories. My sister pointed out a glass jar to me recently which had 'Sand from our favorite beach' printed on it. I really liked the idea, but thought I could make it myself and actually etch the name of the beach into the glass.*

Beach Memory Jars 1

A few days later, I spotted some glass spice jars in Sainsbury's. Designed to hold 70ml, they were the perfect size for a small sample of the sand or pebbles from each of our favourite beaches, and at only £1.50 (although they were on sale for 80p!) they were well priced. I did a quick search on eBay and found this handheld engraving tool for £3.88 which is designed to be used on glass, wood, metal and plastic. Bingo!

Beach Memory Jars

I did find it a bit tricky at first, particularly with the curve of the small jar, but soon got the hang of it and I was very pleased with the results. I'd recommend placing a piece of wet kitchen towel underneath and having one to hand to wipe it over, it does create dust which is of course glass! Don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards, and don't rub your eyes before doing so! (OW!)

But now we now have individual mementoes to remember our fabulous days out this Summer at some of Britain's best beaches.

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* I'm sorry but I also couldn't cope with the fact that 'favorite' was spelt without the 'u'.

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  1. says

    Fab idea! I love how the sand in each of the jars looks completely different.

    Would have come in handy the other day when Elis decided to grab a handful of sand from the Mountain View playground as a 'present for Nana'. (I clearly need to get him to the beach more.)

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