Days 10 – 16 of Project 365

Days 10 - 16 of Project 365

Day 10: I'd completely failed to do anything for Father's Day due to our illness, apart from anything else my husband had been off all week looking after us and it's tricky to be secretive in those circumstances. We managed to secret ourselves away that morning and came up with this card for him, then nipped to Tesco quickly where The Boy chose some items he thought daddy would like. Mission accomplished!

Day 11: I was working from home today as my boss has given us all 'report days' (the inspection prep was so hectic that we hadn't been able to write our reports in the standard time frame, so supplies and LSAs are being used to cover our classes so we can get them all written on time!), but when I went to pick The Boy up from school I discovered that I had a completely flat tyre, so had to walk. It was a good opportunity to have a play in the park though; does anyone else have a child who runs around with the roundabout, rather than actually sitting/standing on it?!

Day 12: Another day, another park! This time my favourite one; the clifftop park. I love this photo, it looks like The Boy is taking off into space!

Day 13: I'm constantly amazed at the moment at how tall The Boy is, so I decided to measure him and actually start recording it somewhere. I've been meaning to make a height chart for years but never got around to it, so I've decided to use a door trim instead; at least if we move it can come with us!

Day 14: Today was The Boy's sports day and it was baking hot. We decided to pop down to Barry Island afterwards to cool off with the sea breeze, such a beautiful beach.

Day 15: MINIONS! I booked surprise cinema tickets to see The Minions film on its opening day, and it is very good indeed; we laughed out loud several times and The Boy kept standing up in excitement! I might have bought him a new lunchbag as well.

Day 16: Finally, his birthday party happened in the local nature reserve and it went brilliantly. I strung bunting up throughout the trees, set up a den building area, clay faces kits, a nature scavenger hunt and the picnic lunchboxes. I was worried that there wouldn't be enough for them to do, but I needn't have been concerned as they were just happy to climb trees and toast marshmallows over our bucket barbecue. He had a great time and it was enchanting to see children enjoying themselves in nature!

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  1. says

    Yay for good health and parties πŸ™‚ glad you've had a much better week and that the boss let you work from home, too right after all the hard work they've put you all through in such little time x

  2. says

    Some stunning photos! I've missed your beautiful photos of The Boy enjoying the great outdoors. Nobody does those kind of photos as well as you. The Boy's party sounds fantastic. Glad it went so well.

  3. says

    what a really nice sounding very different birthday party, one I am sure all the children will remember.
    The beach picture is great. Bob runs round a roundabout like that but usually ends up falling as it gets faster and faster and he cant keep up.

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