Days 95 – 101 of Project 365

Days 95-101 of Project 365

95. Easter Sunday and while there are more arty photos from this day, I just had to choose this one which sums up the gorgeous chocolateyness of the day. Once I checked the screen on my camera, it instantly reminded me of Easter Sunday four years ago.

96. We took my nephew with us to Dyffryn Gardens for what was a fairly badly organised Easter egg trail, but the boys had great fun there. Afterwards we headed off to Southerndown for a good splash around in the warm air, spades and buckets were ignored in favour of making sand meatballs and piling them high up into the waterflow down the beach.

97. An ordinary day playing in the garden in the brilliant sunshine, are there any better days of childhood?

98. The Boy dressed himself today, he decided on a pair of shorts and a short t-shirt, of course they were paired with long socks, because he's 5.5 and can wear what the hell he likes. He's really perfecting the 'hanging upside down and scaring the hell out of his mother' lark.

99. We headed to my sister's house with our sister-in-law andΒ for a catch-up between all four cousins. They decided to spend part of the afternoon in the hot tub, which The Boy absolutely loved!

100. Yesterday The Boy and Mr. TBaM had been trying to make a raft from the bamboo around the water feature, and today The Boy decided to try and continue making it. I love his coopy-down stance and the little shorts, grazed knees, long socks rolled down, and the floppy Summer hat; pure childhood.

101. Trying tapas for the first time; very proud of him!

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  1. says

    Loved photos – great one on the beach, and love the goggles one. Looks like he's loving life just as children should.

    I'm dreading the day when N takes over choosing his clothes. He has no idea of what colours go together, would live in jogging trousers or scruffy jersey shorts. Oh dear. Going to be interesting.

  2. says

    My 5 year old also dresses himself with slightly dubious fashion sense but as you say, they can pull it off at that age! I'm jealous of the hot tub too!

  3. says

    Fabulous pictures in glorious outdoor light. You capture such lovely angles and moments. Love the recalling of the younger picture with the egg!

  4. says

    It looks like summer came to your neck of the woods this week – yay! Loving the facial expressions and dare-devil antics on the climbing frame this week πŸ™‚

  5. says

    oh the innocence of childhood, and if you are going no further than the garden why worry? Love the meatball making, great imaginations. Nice to get together with their cousins, and well done on trying the tapas

  6. says

    Yeah the hanging upside down and getting into precarious situations are done purely to get your heart in your mouth!!
    'Coopy-down' – I've not heard that expression for years.

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