More STEM Activities for Children (Tuesday Tutorials)

We're really embracing the world of science, technology, engineering maths in our house at the moment; The Boy is becoming so curious about the inner workings of things that there are nuts and bolts, pipettes and test tubes all over the place!

There were far too many enticing STEM activities linked up last week on Tuesday Tutorials to ignore, so I'm pulling together another selection of crafts and play activities which encourage the more technological and scientific mindset!

The Boy has really been experimenting with digital music composition in the past few weeks and as a result we've selected our favourite technology programs for this.

STEM Activities

One science activity that I haven't done with The Boy yet is growing crystals, and while salt crystals are the easiest they aren't necessarily the prettiest. It's possible to grow a variety of different coloured crystals using different solutions, and this novel activity features them in eggshells. The art of colour mixing is another fun activity to do with younger children, I know The Boy is always fascinated with creating new colours (and a mess) when painting.

As much as we don't want to admit it in the staffroom, and much to my husband's glee, programming is going to be on the new ICT curriculum in Wales, it certainly is in England. It's one of the most important aspects of computing for the next few years at least, and this technology post offers a whole host coding tips for children.

This telling the time game is absolutely genius! After thirteen years of teaching maths, I know how hard children find it to master time, they either can manage analogue or digital but find it hard to marry the two, and then become completely confused by 'quarter to/quarter past' etc. This is a great idea and one I'm going to be implementing in the classroom and at home.

Please go and check out the round-ups from the other Tuesday Tutorial hosts; ET Speaks From Home, Crafts On Sea and Hodge Podge Craft.

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I can't wait to see all the creativity from everyone this week, please add your ideas below!

Tuesday Tutorials Pin Party


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  1. says

    Used to love things like this when I was little and could easily impress them with science. Now they are nearly teenagers I don't seem to know much according to them and what I do know if quite 'lame'. Oh how I wish they didn't grow up!

    Have fun


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