Days 60 – 66 of Project 365

Days 60-66 of Project 365

60. Craft at home and we made a memory stone to remember Peppa (the fish who died a week ago). This is The Boy's fake smile.

61. Packing up goody bags for Blog On Cymru on the weekend, took forever and I got really hot and bothered!

62. After school trip to the clifftop park at sunset, I tried to appease mummy guilt for him being in the classroom for two hours after school

63. Bathtime!

64.Β This is what sixty high quality goody bags look like, all over my dining room floor!

65. Having prepped the room for the blogging conference the next day, this was my view on the way home. I reckon Spring might have Sprung!

66. Today was finally the day: Blog On Cymru! It was wonderful to see so many wonderful blogging friends again, and make new ones as well. The day went really well (if truth be told, better than I hoped it might) and every one was ever so complimentary about it all. Huge thanks to all the people who attended and spoke in a session, but NEVER AGAIN!

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  1. says

    Wow, love the light in the bath time photo! Love your boy's fake smile too – it looks just the same as my kids' fake smiles. I hate them and always tell them not to do them, but the more they try not to do them, the worse they get!
    Glad Blog On Cymru went so well, but never again?! You have to do it again, because I have to go next time! πŸ™‚

  2. says

    I'm so pleased blog on Cymru went so well. I had no doubt it would. The sunset shot is great and I love how the boy is looking so grown up and like his daddy! He looks proud of the stone! x

  3. says

    Love the stone you made, even if it comes with a fake smile. Blogon looked amazing. Probably bad timing for you as so many other things to do/think about.

  4. says

    A lovely set of photos. The one of The Boy on the roundabout is beautiful.
    It looked like yesterday was a roaring success for you – well done! x

  5. says

    The clouds in that sunset are just stunning. And I want a disco bath!!!

    I wish I could have made Blog On Cymru – it looked fab and you all worked so hard. Well done xx

  6. says

    I would have loved to have been at Blog On Cymru. Glad it all went well.
    My girls always get the fake smiles out when I get my camera out. I have to try really hard to make them laugh to get a natural looking smile!

  7. says

    Sounds like the conference went well from everything I've read and seen. Love the disco light bath. Much more cool than N's boring ones.

  8. says

    The sky looks so dramatic in that 3rd shot. I do love that you made a pebble for your fishy. So pleased the blogging conference went well for you. I am off to the BlogonMosi in May. First time for me! #365 x

  9. says

    I love the bath picture, all those colours look relaxing. What a great memento for his fish. The blog event looks looks like it was a lot of work and thats a lot of goodie bags, but if people enjoyed it then it was worth while.
    The park picture is great and nice to get out for a while.

  10. says

    It must have taken an absolute age to put those bags together but it sounds like Blog On was a fabulous day, I was gutted to have missed it. I love the picture of the sun peeking through the trees.

  11. says

    hurrah for spring and bravo for the conference. I hope there will be another! Adore the disco bath and that sunset. You have such a way with light.

  12. says

    thats such a cool photo from Blog On and it was great to see you and the family again, and to see some old and new blogger faces. i had a wonderful day πŸ™‚
    He looks very happy with his peppa pebble and what a cool set of bath disco lights! x

  13. says

    It must of taken you AGES to pack those goodie bags! Well done you, I can imagine how much work and organising that would have taken. You deserve a restful week this week!

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