Days 46 – 52 of Project 365

Days 46-52 of Project 365

46. As we were only thirty minutes down the road from Coombe Mill, we decided to pop up and catch up with Fiona and family. The Boy was eager to explore with Guy and Clio, trying out the new den-building area. I love this photo because of his cheeky smile, the way his eyes are lit up and his determination to strike up a fire with damp wood.

47. Bosinver have a wonderful Wild Kids outdoor activity session on Mondays, where The Boy made mud pies, a fairy nest and then toasted marshmallows around a campfire.

48. I never would have thought that we'd be paddling in the sea in February but we did. It was abslutely necessary! We found a lovely little beach called Pentewan and it was so sheltered and warm that we soon removed socks and wellies, coats and hats, and waded right in. The water was freezing, but The Boy had such a wonderful time and raced back and forth chasing the waves! That was until he fell backwards and ended up drenched!

49. We came home early from our holiday due to a work emergency and discovered a disaster; Peppa the fish had died! Freddy was fine, but Peppa was a goner. The Boy absolutely sobbed when we told him, and asked to bury him in the garden with a pebble to mark the spot. I almost sobbed as well as I held his shaking, little body tight.

50. Peppa 2 was purchased, she wasn't allowed to be called anything else, but she settled in really well to the tank and The Boy was happy. 

51. The power went off at 9am and it was one of those days when I really needed a babysitter in the form of the television and coffee as therapy, but it was not to be. By lunchtime I was struggling so we headed to Ikea for lunch and then down the beach for some pebble plopping. 3,30 was the expected time for it to come back on and when at 5.40 it still was off with an estimated time of 9pm reconnection, we headed over to mum and dad's for tea, electricity and warmth. It came back on at 7.55, just in time to record the live Eastenders!

52. A trip to Dyffryn Gardens for an exploration of the gardens turned into a quick runaround as it was freezing!


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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It was so hot and sunny, and our feet felt horrendously trapped. Need to pack a towel and space clothes in the boot of the car I think!

  1. says

    Awe poor Peppa and The Boy. I feel sad for him! I love the beach shot again and agree his face in the photo at Coombe Mill is awesome! How great to pop in and say hello! Sorry to hear about the electricity! x

  2. says

    What beautiful photos (except poor Peppa of course). We has a mouse burial and all was going well until my boy asked us each to say what the mouse had meant to us. My poor mum and husband who both have no time for pet rodents had to come up with something while we tried not to laugh. It's a tough moment but important for the kids

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I know it's a bit grim showing his fish, but these are the little moments we have to share as well aren't they? I'd have a struggle if The Boy asked us to do the same as your son did!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It is wonderful living next to the sea, when I lived in Reading I found it really hard to cope being so landlocked. The first pets death is always hard, isn't it?

  3. says

    I recognised the first photo straight away, that was such a happy afternoon and it is written all over his face. Poor Peppa, life cycles are cruel for children to understand.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I had real difficulty choosing just one photo, I wanted to choose the one next to the rabbit or him blowing the whistle at the train as well! Thank you for having us!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I absolutely couldn't, and you'd have been with me! As I sat on the rock in the sunshine I realised how hot it was so took his outer coat, hat, wellies and socks odd. Watching him gaily skip down the beach, my toes were begging to be free and I couldn't wait any more!!

  4. says

    It looks like you had a lovely week (apart from the fish). I love the contrast in the two beach photos – one barefoot in the sunshine and the other in wellies and coat, it sums up the mixed weather this week perfectly! Mmm, toasted marshmallows!

  5. says

    Yes, this project is all about capturing the everyday moments that we want to remember, isn't it? Fish, cold parks, glorious marshmallows and dens. Bravo and sorry about the work emergency- strangely enough that happened to us too when we last went to Cornwall x

  6. says

    oh what a week you have had between the electricity, the work emergency and poor dear Peppa. Glad Peppa 2 is settling in ok, and you still managed to get some fab shots x

  7. says

    Such gorgeous photos. I do hope you're OK and admire your strength to continue this when life is challenging you from all angles. But I love your blog and your photos totally make me want to move near the sea! #365

  8. says

    RIP Peppa and Welcome Peppa 2. It's hard to lose a pet, when our dog died John cried on and off quite a lot. He still asks for her. The beach looks lovely. I plan to spend more time at the beach this summer. It's crazy that I live so close but rarely visit.

  9. says

    Amazing beach shots! I can't wait for warmer weather, so we can go paddle. We don't live anywhere near a beach and my South African (won't go near a beach in cold weather, poor thing!) prefers to go when it's warm! 🙂

  10. says

    What gorgeous photos on the beach. We haven't been yet as the water is normally freezing and the children want to go in, no matter what.
    Sorry about Peppa. Always sad to lose a pet.
    I love the marshmallow picture – Yum.

  11. says

    Oh no, rest in peace Peppa! I think we've had quite a mild winter really, though it isn't so mild I'd want to paddle in the sea this week!

    Thanks for running this every week, I know it's tough at times but so many people love taking part and we all look to you to run the show!


  12. says

    lovely set of photos from your half term (apart from the dead fish 🙁 of course)
    sounds like you had a lovely break in Cornwall and as you say, fancy paddling in the sea at this time fo year!!! x
    ps. glad you got to see the live Eastenders!!

  13. says

    Your holiday sound like fun, a bit sad that you had to cut it short.
    what a shame he fell over in the sea, easy done though.
    Love the running happy boy in the bottom picture.
    RIP Peppa, no wonder he cried its heartbreaking to lose a pet.

  14. says

    Lots of lovely outdoor photos, how amazing to be so close to Coombe Mill. We are aiming to go in 2017 as our now car won't make it and we need to get a new one. So sorry to hear about Peppa, I hope Peppa 2 is still doing well? x

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