Celebrating Grandparents


We're incredibly lucky to have my mum so close, helping us out and being a really rather awesome mother.

And Nana.

She is a fabulous Nana who loves her grandchildren without discrimination, she would do anything for them.

And that's why there was a ring at the door at 7.30 this morning. She'd taken home The Boy's new school coat to put elastic around the hood to keep his poor ears protected in this weather, been woken up early by the storm, and broken out her sewing basket there and then. Then she'd dressed and driven over to return the coat so he could wear it for a walk to the church today for our Harvest festival.

See what I mean?

Don't get me wrong, she also drives me mad.

She has a near unhealthy obsession with his toothbrush which I just can't even begin to discuss. And don't get me started on whether or not he is getting enough variety in his breakfast options; she'd actually have me plan his breakfasts out a fortnight at a time with plenty of variety in it if she could. But I love her to bits and have written about that previously.

I don't know how I can really repay her, words are never enough really. We do try and have family time together as I know that's the most important thing to her, but it's also the little things like bunches of flowers, a hug and kiss, or going out to the supermarket which I know mean a lot.

I was recently given the opportunity to receive a flower delivery from Debenhams in order to celebrate Grandparents' Day on 5th October. Yes, I'm fully aware that it is now the 9th October and I've been a bad blogger in writing about this event retrospectively, but life happened. However, around a fortnight ago I was invited to select a bouquet from the Grandparents' Day Flowers selection for my mum to receive, and I went for the one with thistles (her favourite flower) and purple tones; aptly named 'Rewarding'.

Flowers from Debenhams

She was over the moon with the flowers and they took pride of place on her mantelpiece, lasting approximately ten days.  It's worth noting that they were delivered upright in a cardboard box with an insert inside the base to hold them in place. Very fresh and not at all bashed or bruised.

Priced at £35.00 they weren't a cheap option. However I'm lucky that my mum lives two minutes away from me and I can nip to a supermarket to buy her flowers. When I had flowers delivered for my niece's 18th birthday, the (half the size bouquet) cost me £25.00 with a small balloon attached and the total including delivery was £40.00. She lives in Oxford so nipping a bouquet around to her was not an option. Floral deliveries are more expensive than buying yourself, but in this chaotic world of the 21st century where families are spread around the country, being able to order online for next day delivery is worth the extra pounds to put a smile on someone's face.

And nanas are worth it!

I received these complementary flowers for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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