Days 236 – 242 of Project 365

Days 236 - 242 of Project 365

236. Not For Sale(Gathering up all our trash, we ventured off to see if it was another man's treasures at the car boot sale. Mr. TBaM went for the early start and then my mum dropped us down several hours later. The Boy sat quite happily in the boot of the car, singing his heart out while he did some more 'scratch and sketch' from a fab book I'd found.)

237. Skimmer (More skimming stones practise on a clear blue Bristol Channel. Perfect end to Bank Holiday Monday.)

238. Light (One of our regular trips to Techniquest science exploration museum with a visiting friend and her daughter. The Boy is captivated by layering these coloured acetates to make a fully-coloured picture.)

239. Slip (The Boy is desperate to do the monkey bars. He can manage the ones we have at home, but they are the same height as him so he pulls his knees up to his chest and can drop his feet to the ground if he needs to. So after we'd had quite a lovely last day together before I return to work, we went up the clifftop park for a quick run around. He really wanted to manage these, and needed a lot of coaxing. I even got him to drop from one to see how far the drop was if he fell. Finally I got him to launch himself from the platform and swing forwards from the second rung to third. Unfortunately, when he took his hand from the first to reach to the third, he didn't have a good enough grip on the second and swung down flat onto the ground. Straight onto his back. The thud was intense and he lay there for a nano-second screaming like a wild animal, until I scooped him up to cuddle him. The three mothers glaring at me didn't help, luckily the lone dad gave me a sympathetic smile. The Boy was fine but what a crap end to our Summer holidays.)

240. Bloomin' Marvellous (These are my bargain roses from Aldi, £2.00 for the bunch and five days after I bought them, they are still beautiful. Yep, first day back in work so it's a nonsense photo, thought I'd save a 'sleeping boy' photo for next week.)

241. Happy (An after-school visit to Costco to buy a skeleton for a school topic, and The Boy decided he'd have a little dance around outside to his favourite song while we were waiting for daddy. On another note, the 'crap photos after a long day in work' seem to be starting again, joy!)

242. Salt Sand (We drove down to Oxwich Bay as The Boy's reward for completing his chart this week. The sun managed to show itself halfway through the afternoon and we had great fun building a sandcastle with a moat and drawbridge, when The Boy decided that the finishing touches to the whole thing would be a sprinkling of 'salt sand' all around the castle walls. I have no idea what 'salt sand' is, but I think it's the magic ingredient to make the castle complete.)

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  1. says

    Love the sandcastle and The Boy singing in the boot of the car. Sorry to hear about the monkey bars fall and the disapproving mothers. These things happen (they've happened to us more times than I care to remember). Glad he was OK.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you, just one sympathetic smile from them would have helped. Especially as they were outside the park on their mobile phones and had nothing to judge me about.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I don't think he'll ever manage them to be honest, he has my bone density and both of us have poor upper body strength. Got to keep on trying though!

  2. says

    i best it won't take long for The Boy to remember he did it and not that he fell (of course as mothers we remember the thud and the inconsiderate others around). Another lovely set of reminders of the The Boy as he was

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you lovely, he hasn't mentioned it since and seems quite happy to keep climbing; always a good thing!

  3. says

    The sandcastle looks fab – the salt sand must have done the trick. It's become a bit of a mission of mine to get H doing the monkey bars. He doesn't have a great deal of upper body strength, but that could be worked on if only he had the confidence. It's nice that the boy had the confidence – hope he doesn't get put off.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      He was really worried about trying them again, but he had a go with me supporting him and luckily managed to get across. I don't think he's going to manage them because he's heavily boned and I don't think he's got the upper body strength either

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I can't believe I had no idea about salt sand before, I've been missing out on this key ingredient for years!

  4. says

    Well done to him on the monkey bars, you can tell he's really wanting to put his all into it. And well done to you for ignoring those mums too. That huge sand castle is really impressive!

  5. says

    I'm dreading going back to work and the dull photos that are a result of being in class all day! Well done to the boy for giving the park a go – my boy wouldn't give that a go – and am glad he bounced back. Hope work goes well 🙂

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      The past two days have been hard, do you use Big Maths? We do and I've never taught from it or planned it. Last time I taught Maths was 5 years ago when we used jolly old Abacus which told you how and when to breathe. Have struggled, but am hoping that the next two days will be easier.

  6. says

    Always love your photos, though I know I rarely comment. Hope the wee man's ok after his fall! There are times like that where they need to learn that falling isn't the end of the world. 😉

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Oh thank you lovely, it's such a nice surprise to find out the people who take a peek every now and again. Really appreciate your comment.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I wasn't particularly fond of that shape either. But you're right, he does have rhythm. No Ida where he gets it from as I have none!

  7. says

    So glad that he is ok – how scary and how grim of the other mothers not to give that sympathetic grin that we all deserve. Brilliant castle- we'll be imagining ourselves some of that salt sand here too. One more chance for a sunny beach day this week before school starts back – and I couldn't agree more about the fear of shots starting to be trickier now that we're all back in the grind- but I always like your angles and lighting so don't you worry!

  8. says

    I love his dancing photo – he has a great hip wiggle 😉

    I get glared at dissaprovingly all the time – mostly when people realise Artie is a boy and has both long hair and (frequently) appears to be wearing his sister's clothes (he often is).

  9. says

    such a shame he fell from the monkey bars! good that he is pushing himself and his confidence though – he will master it soon and i look forward to seeing you capture it on camera.
    i love the two beach photos – its your happy place as a family isnt it? always evident in the pics you take x

  10. says

    Love the skimming stones shot and that sandcastle is very impressive! Salt sand sounds like just the thing 🙂 Sorry about the monkey bars and disapproving stares, how rubbish. Another great expression in the scratch and sketch picture x

  11. says

    Sorry to hear about him falling and the mothers (what is wrong with people) but what gorgeous pictures and love the salt sand, such an incredible imagination! Lovely!

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