Sock-Snake Bubbles

If there's one childhood activity which is guaranteed to appeal to the inner child in all of us, it is blowing bubbles!

Sock-snake bubbles are one of the many different ways of playing with bubbles which gives a really fun result. And they use resources which are easily found around the house.

Sock-Snake Bubbles



  • a thick sock, towelling sports socks are ideal (make sure you don't need to use it again as the food colouring will probably stain it!)
  • rubber bands to fix the sock onto the bottle (gaffa tape will also work)
  • a plastic sports-cap drinking bottle (cut the bottom off and make sure there's no jagged edges)
  • bubble mix
  • a dish (which is wide enough to fit the width of the bottle in)
  • food colouring or runny paint (optional)


  1. Pull the sock over the open end of the bottle until the toe is tight across the opened end, ensure that the excess material is rolled up or folded up over the sides out of the way. Fix it in place with an elastic band.
  2. Dip the end of the bottle into the bubble mix in the dish and allow the end to soak up bubble mix.
  3. Blow through the mouthpiece of the bottle and a long snake of frothy bubbles will come out of the sock.
  4. To make coloured bubbles, drop some food colouring onto the sock once dipped in bubble mix. The bubbles will be multi-coloured.

Sock-Snake Bubbles 1

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